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Sultry inspiration to enjoy nature with ‘Water’ from Charlotte Lansman

Singer-songwriter Charlotte Lansman is back with her fab debut single called ‘Water‘.

The debut single from jazzy-soul singer Charlotte Lansman. This song is about someone finding themselves in a position where they feel destitute, abandoned, alone and trapped in the emotional roller coaster of a relationship going south. Then able to find strength and peace by escaping within.

Out of the room, the building, the city, and into the quiet solitude of water. Inspired in part by a past relationship and in part by quarantine which is totally understandable. Initially feeling completely trapped, then the freedom of taking the daily hour for exercise in nature. Space to breathe and reboot the brain from this crazy world. It’s time start again and learn from before.

Water‘ from Charlotte Lansman who tingles the air with this song that is so beautiful. I love her voice and this is a song that was made with so much care and heart. This is the type of music that I wish got more love. For us to be fully happy inside, we need to experience being in water for healing. Water heals all wounds. Dust off those goggles.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JD3 rock with the brilliant ‘No Fools’

Northeast Indiana’s JD3  (The Jondo Trio) bring that good bluesy country on the sensible-seeking single ‘No Fools‘.

JD3, also/previously known as The Jondo Trio, are a southern rock swamp stomp powerhouse. Their live performances have earned them a cult following all over their travels. The gruff vocals grabs your attention and you get lost in the crowd with the excellent guitar riffs.

Originally a power trio in the vein of ZZ Top, in 2016, The Jondo Trio (Nate Mosley-guitar & vocals, Paul Osborn-drums, Stu Way-Bass) with the release of their 2nd album, Scraps From The Borderlands, added a fourth member (Chris Dafforn- keys & trumpet) and re-branded themselves as JD3.

JD3 performs primarily in the Midwest (they are based out of ) but have also developed a bit of a cult following in Europe which is so great to see. Their music style transcends borders and they sound hungry here.

With the release of their third album, ‘Something Good‘ recently, the band took a deeper dive into exploring their southern rock and r&b roots, showcasing their songwriting skills and deep groove. ‘Something Good‘ was released with both band names- JD3 & The Jondo Trio – to help fans of each of the prior albums to “find” each other. This is a strong release and is well-received.

Stream the new song here on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

HÆRT returns with the soulful ‘Let It Sail’

HÆRT returns with the soulful ‘Let It Sail‘ that brings forth some fantastic vocals in this electronic-pop dazzler.

It feels like we have just sailed over the ocean to hearty delight. The song, constructed with love and meaning, we are now at peace. Sometimes, we have to let it go and set the heart free again. Things were good for a while but now things have to come to an end otherwise more pain will rear it’s ugly head.

Let It Sail‘ from HÆRT is a song about letting it all go. You don’t want to keep hold of anything for too long otherwise you will get too comfortable. This is a fine song with fantastic production. With a vivid story, we are placed in this great story with the mixture of genres all in one. This is a track made with love and you learn a different part of life.

Stream here for the new track on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Courtesy The Beast raps with heart on ‘Philippians 4:13’

Courtesy The Beast raps in the fast lane with his brand new Hip Hop track called ‘Philippians 4:13‘.

Jahmil Blair aka Courtesy The Beast is a conscious rapper who creates music to inspire us all. This is about a song about remembering where to came from to keep you humble in life.

Courtesy The Beast has a real flow to him and he portrays his life and wish for us to work together. We all need to learn in life, especially at this crazy time in the world. The beat is nice and tight here, the team have created a top quality song that takes you through the world of this young emcee.

Philippians 4:13‘ is a fine song that has lots of heart. The gospel rapper Courtesy The Beast has a loyal bunch of fans and they will love this one with new fans expected. The talented is here and the humble nature is welcomed.

Stream here to hear the audio on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Beautifully created Alt Indie with Flat Feet’s ‘Renegades’

This is Alt Indie at it’s finest with Flat Feet’s terrific new single called ‘Renegades‘.

Flat Feet’sRenegades‘ is a wonderfully made song that echoes through the world’s barriers and worries.

With the sultry vocals of the wonderful Dayana and Max on drums, this is a true team effort. They team up to create a song with a catchy hook, the beat is low, the drums tap in with style and this is all-round goodness with a fish in the jar.

I get lost in the vocals so much on ‘Renegades‘. The Flat Feet team impresses on this fine track that gets you in the mood to go on a road-trip or go for a run. The beat is fantastic and I like everything about this. This is a group that just make quality music to make us smile.

Here is the link to the visuals on YouTube.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Head to the Insta page to see more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Racayan sings of love on water-filled ‘Deep End’

Racayan is here with the exciting new single full of love called ‘Deep End‘.

Ronald Gacayan Jr. aka Racayan, is a record producer, singer-songwriter and writer from San Francisco in California.

This talented artist is based out of Los Angeles now and right in the tick of the action in sunny California. Racayan co-wrote and produced this song and the lyrics are sung with such passion here as the track tells us how much he is into her. He lust after her body and wants her all to himself. The days of keeping quiet about it are gone, from now on it is all about showing his love.

LA artist Racayan produced this so purely here and that is the impressive part on ‘Deep End’. He makes no bones about his intentions and produced the track with such passion and love. He only wants one thing. This determination will take the artist far into his career and the fact that he is a producer too helps so much. This could be his time.

Stream here for the Spotify page.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Canada’s Brandon Hamilton sneaks in the sheets with sultry ‘Take Me Away’

Ontario in Canada is the home of the talented singer Brandon Hamilton who steams the mirrors up with his new single called ‘Take Me Away‘.

Brandon Hamilton is an R&B singer-songwriter who’s sound portrays a dark and melodic energy, he has a magnetic voice that flows through the room with an electric energy. This young single seduces the mic and draws us into his fun story about love forbidden but tempting.

Taken off the self-tilted album ‘Take Me Away‘, this is a promiscuous single all about wanting that girl that isn’t yours. You desire her and she wants the same. The problem is that she is with another man and many other complications.

Take Me Away‘ is a sexy song, full of seduction and electrifying forces that are unexplained sometimes. The Canadian singer Brandon Hamilton flicks the switch on and makes the whole room bright.

Stream this fine new song here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bahamas artist Shay Solo flows through with bedroom anthem ‘Nowhere Next To Sober’

Sultry Shay Solo soothes our soul with her new sexy bedroom single called ‘Nowhere Next To Sober’.

Shay Solo is a singer, rapper and songwriter from Nassau in The Bahamas. Her passion for singing developed in third grade where she performed for the first time at her school’s talent show. “ I received a lot of compliments after the show. To have someone in tears telling me how good I am, it really triggered something in me to keep pursuing music”.  This feeling on being on stage only blossomed from there. ​

Bahamas singer-songwriter and emcee Shay Solo is a young talent who makes great music. This is all about being with that special someone when you have had a couple of drinks. You are used to this now and this is a norm, In a funny way you wish that you could be sober together but would it have the same buzz and would you both be into each other? This is a love story with the lights on really low as you kiss all night and enjoy each others company.

Nowhere Next To Sober’ from Shay Solo is a likable sexy song that is best played with the lights on real low.

Stream this new song here on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Digital Dan rides through to see if the ladies follow through on ‘Baguettes In The Mouth’

The mysteriously brilliant artist Digital Dan aka Danny Digital aka Don Danny slides in with the stylishly smooth Hip Hop single ‘Baguettes In The Mouth‘.

After 3 years in the game, this is one of his best songs yet. Featuring a raw start, getting out there that lots of people like to talk but can they back it up? Talk is cheap and you wonder if what you are saying now will follow through later on in life, or never.

Digital Dan breaks this song into two and I like the way he starts off with the build up and sees what happens at the end. He definitely got his answer it feels like. Some people go quiet and others stepped up to back their talk.

It feels like Dan knows what he wants and ‘Baguettes In The Mouth‘ is a quality Hip Hop track from the artist who seems like is getting better and better. Perspective and self-awareness has propelled him to make music that is real.

Streaming on Soundcloud will up your soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tim Trilioni shows us his passion on fiery ‘Corona Virus’

Tim Trilioni is here with a new song and this time it’s the haunting tale of ‘Corona Virus‘.

Tim Trilioni is a New Orleans native, singer-songwriter and business mogul. His savvy lyrics and catchy style has caught the attention of artists and fashion elites around the world. He is known for his fashion contributions to pop-culture and musical contributions to artists, entertainment venues and movie soundtracks.

Corona Virus‘ from Tim Trilioni is an indie journey all about the horrible pandemic that has taken over the world. The planet is a mess and we are all in pain. When will this madness all end? Tim sings with such heart and you can feel the pain in his voice. This is a passionate single from the US artist who shows us that he is self-aware and is doing his best to keep everyone’s hopes up during these wild times.

New Orleans artist Tim Trilioni swoops in with a strong effort on ‘Corona Virus‘ and this is one of his best songs yet.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen