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Kasen Shawn rises above with slick flow ‘Not In The Mood’

US rapper Kasen Shawn rides above the clouds on ‘Not In The Mood‘ via this Hip Hop fused track.

Kasen Shawn is a Salt Lake City based rapper influenced by old school lyrical styles of hip hop. Tune in for an “old meets new” fusion as Kasen lays intricate multi-syllable rhymes over modern-inspired instrumentals.

Taken off the latest album ‘Good Mood‘, this is a majestic single with lots of layers to keep things fresh and interesting. He is on the way up and dealing with past homies not showing love and taking things for granted. He is on this journey to become wiser and committing to himself and make sure that this is his full time profession. He is not in the mood for others bs and just wants to succeed in what he does.

Not In The Mood‘ from Kasen Shawn¬†is a stylish rapper who shows much maturity with his unique style that fuses the classics and the new school.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen