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Time After Time: The transcendent Georgia Duncan searches for that true peace on ‘Golden Ribbons’

Released off Hertha Records, Georgia Duncan shows extreme quality beyond what your racing mind can fathom with ‘Golden Ribbons‘, which is taken off her stunning just-dropped four-track EP called ‘The Light‘.

Georgia Duncan is a supremely elegant, highly conscious indie-folk South London-born singer-songwriter and music workshop facilitator. She makes that peaceful music that is all about how the world needs to be way better, as we blindly go from one war to another, whilst unwittingly adding fuel to the fire as we go.

You feel her calming presence right by your side as she sings like someone you would want to have a proper conversation with about current affairs- as she possesses a style that has you hooked instantly – each word has been carefully crafted and made with a timeless appeal for the ages. The intimate soundtrack here has been so well put together and this feels like you are stuck in time, thinking so deeply about what we can do better to live in much-needed peace.

Golden Ribbons‘ from the focused South London-born indie folk singer-songwriter Georgia Duncan, shows us a wonderfully self-aware and talented woman who knows that her music is beyond what she thought it would be. Her voice is marvelously in tune and she makes meaningful strides to show that art can actually make a difference, with what is going on around the world and what has to change. This is something really special that gives you welcome shivers of excitement.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen