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Florida Hip hop artist Golden Animal bets it all on his name on passionate new single, ‘Black Roses’

With his underdog psyche on full view as one of 9 in a family that is making up for a lost time after so much tragedy, Golden Animal displays his laser-focus flows that have you particularly impressed with what you see on the visuals for, ‘Black Roses‘.

Golden Animal is a 22-year-old Pompano Beach, Florida-based indie Hip hop artist and model who raps with a rugged edge as he feels like he has been blocked out from certain doors that he feels should be open for him.

Ambitious and unturned he found himself moving from school to school as he struggled in and out of juvenile detention.” ~ Golden Animal

As a former member of Sniper Gang who has since moved into his own realm as a self-signed artist, this is a hungry display from a man who sees where he needs to be and refuses to give up no matter who blocks his path. Golden Animal¬†drops bars that smash through the jaws of all his haters who have tried to keep him from that level he feels is deserved, as we sit back and admire a rapper who hasn’t even found his prime yet.

Music for him is an outlet and form of expression where he can release the good days and the bad days on a track.” ~ Golden Animal

Black Roses‘ from Pompano Beach, Florida-based indie Hip hop rapper Golden Animal, shows us into a mind of an artist who has a matador-like mentality that refuses to be broken no matter what the drama of before sunk him into for a while. He has lived the tough life of doing things he would rather forget but these experiences have made him stronger as he now feels like the chips are slowly moving in his favour. Giving up has never been an option and you can feel the ferocious fire that has him breathing like a King-like dragon and is headed towards that higher echelon he knows is within his reach.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen