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Going To The Islands

Forget About Problems: Canada’s Oceans Of Tears gets away from all the heartbreak with ‘Going To The Islands’

On a rustic reggae beat that is so intimately memorable, Oceans Of Tears tearfully jets from home to swim away the sad memories and start fresh again with ‘Going To The Islands‘.

Steve W. Boily aka Oceans Of Tears, is an experienced Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based indie artist who develops rock and children’s musicals, songs and videos. He brings a knowledgeable aura to proceedings with his electric style.

The artist was grieving when he thought of penning down his thoughts as a way to cope. He needed to deal with his brother Mike’s sad demise, who passed away in a horrific car accident. “My brother was killed in a car crash many years ago while driving with his buddies a little high on pot and beer, leaving behind a young girl and boy who will never know their dad.” The artist states that the musical is semi-autobiographical and talks about sensitive parts of his life after his brother’s death, the grief, the pain, sense of loss and guilt.” – Oceans Of Tears

You feel his 80’s and 90’s influence deep intertwined into his music, as he sings with such a mellow style that has you deeply entrenched into each word. Each lyric has been carefully penned, the vocals are so real and strike suddenly into your heart, to unearth so many memories.

Taken off his new rock musical, ‘Drowned In A Sea of Tears‘, which is a semi-autobiographical, part stage play that is full of themes, that most artists stay away from.

The productions need to be “provocative” and can sometimes even leave viewers feeling “heavy” and “uncomfortable”. However, the music is sure to get their hearts pumping, minds thinking, and feet stomping.” – Oceans Of Tears

Going To The Islands‘ from the well-known Oceans Of Tears, is one of the most honest and catchy songs you will hear all year. The subject is so sad however, and you feel like this is such a honest portrayal of ones feelings after such a horrific loss. A brave single that showcases his growing multi-genre ability and is one to sit down with – as you have a cold one with pleasing views to take your mind off things – to reflect your own emotions, during all this current turmoil outside.

Hear this top new holiday single on Soundcloud and see the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen