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São Paulo’s The Zasters and their pets release excellent wine infused DIY Video ”Meltdown”

Produced, mixed and mastered by Rafa Luna and edited with the help of Jules Altoé, this is the new DIY Music Video from Brazilian indie rockers, The Zasters.

COVID-19 has reached a tipping point and this fantastic song has just expressed the feeling of millions so eloquently. We are all a bit fed up are starting to lose the plot. We feel very numb inside and need wine. Lots of it. I love the realness of the video and you can see the personalities of Brazilian indie rockers The Zasters shining brightly here.

I’m a huge fan of the awesome guitar riffs, solos and energetic drumming throughout. This is an uplifting track with a great vibe that gets the head nodding happily. With singer Juliana Altoé leading the way with her terrific vocals that I can’t stop listening to, ”Meltdown’‘ encapsulates 2020 to a tee.  The DIY video is well made and I like how they have expressed the numb & dumb feelings we are going through as a planet. I’d love to watch The Zasters live and hopefully they are able to tour soon and jam. That is what they do and very well too.

Check out this fantastic DIY Music Video right here on YouTube.

For gig info be sure to head through to Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen