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Am I Really Here: Instinctive Isle of Man gloom-pop duo Raine wonder if this is all really real with the moody classic ‘Roam’

Floating furiously through the creepy chimneys and into our suddenly alert mindsets via their debut album named ‘Most Nights Lately‘, Raine have our anxious hearts beating even faster with the dark cloudy skies new single about feeling so lost in these familiar but eerie streets with ‘Roam‘.

Isle of Man electronic/ gloom-pop group Raine, are a dynamically charged outfit full of creative interweaving skills which has your mind swerving around frantically to find out more. They have such a uniquely attractive sound that is such a pleasure to hear, as they take us on a wild trip through the doom and gloom of the current world.

Raine’s sound is uniquely positioned to their environment. Living on an island, the isolation and vast landscapes detail their experiences to deliver a haunting broadcast to a wider world.” ~ Raine

Raine have us looking around so apprehensively – as we scan our left and right – to work out if the devil is indeed beside us or if we are safe – from this feeling of mass paranoia, which has shaken our once-strong confidence to its fragile core. They have a innate ability to capture your vivid thoughts that has your pulse racing at a spectacular Lewis Hamilton rate, all through this movie-like soundtrack.

Roam‘ from the exciting Isle of Man electronic/gloom-pop duo act Raine, is such a moody track which has you thinking rather deeply about your current state of mind. This is the story about feeling so lost and not knowing what to do, as you truly feel like an odd stranger in your own town, which suddenly feels dangerously dark and horribly sinister. The weather seems to be turning even more ominous as this track develops even further into the shadows, as you wonder if you are even alive anymore.

Stream this epic new single on Spotify or see their travels into our lives via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen