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Butterfly drops stimulating new track to listen intently inside ‘The Song of I’

Taken from the 10-track debut album called ‘Calamity‘, Butterfly shows us that entrenched pain that can make a previously fulfilled soul rather cold and angry with each step of life on, ‘The Song of I‘.

Butterfly is an indie art punk/destructive pop band who has shown us their colorful imagination with a new glitch-rock experience to marvel at.

The rock-glitch single uses an emotive crashing chorus, wailing guitars, and ghostly vocals to convey an overwhelming sense of defeat and destruction.” ~ Butterfly

Demonstrating a rare approach that has you turning the volume up to full as to capture the whole moment, Butterfly flies into a world that is overloaded with harsh realisms that seems to mirror the current system we find ourselves stuck inside.

Butterfly is the story of an amnesiac trapped in the internet, finding friends and a desire to destroy the world.” ~ Butterfly

The Song of I‘ from indie art punk/destructive pop band Butterfly is a track that will stun many and engage others, as its vocal texture is supremely unique. Regaling us with a performance that you are unlikely to witness again in 2022, this is the type of song to make you admire those who take risks, rather than sounding like ordinary copycats.

Sung with that expressive sentiment that could take your breath away, this release presents us with that ability to shock the core of your spine back into place.

Listen up to this ear-shaking song on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding The Path: Keeper Lo bravely sees the light again after much darkness on ‘Venus’

Taken off his much-anticipated ten-track ‘Moly‘ album, Keeper Lo takes us to a new place of renewed vision for our souls to learn from on the superb ‘Venus‘.

Keeper Lo is an electric Chambéry, France-based glitch-electronic producer. He smartly webs a vividly inviting style of music which has your body twitching with utter delight.

You quickly feel a sense of thrillingly emphatic euphoria whilst your eardrums shudder in anticipation — the vocals and busy beat stretches your mind like a rubber band — each second shows you where the key is hiding, so you may find yourself away from where you are locked in currently.

At the age of 8 years old, I was living in Lyon, France, with my father. He used to play on loop an old CD compiling the best tracks of the early 2000’s House Music.” – Keeper Lo

This is a song that catches you slightly unawares, the stunning dreamy texture feels distinctively like you are dipping yourself in a refreshing waterfall, after a long hot and sticky day. Each moment in this almost unbelievable state has you feel re-energized to be better and to open the window, to climb out of the undesirable cold and dark corner of gloom.

Venus‘ from the French glitch-electronic producer Keeper Lo, has your racing thoughts up above high, as you speed happily through a track of disbelief with the skill-level of this young artist easy to hear. He looks up where others look down — as he takes us for a galaxy-hopping journey in his reflecting spacecraft — that has you feeling like you are definitely on another planet.

Seeing that bright light in your eyes again, is certainly a feeling you never want to forget.

Hear this striking audio link on YouTube and see the social story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Gods Here – Lights in the Sky: An Ethereally Dark Sci-Fi Thriller

No Gods Here’s latest Alt-Electronica single, ‘Lights in the Sky’, goes beyond sound. The artist and producer orchestrated an ethereally dark sci-fi thriller that unfolds in the space of just 4:33-minutes. It’s safe to say that Jeff Wayne has new competition.

Here’s how No Gods Here sets the scene for Lights in the Sky:

The United Kingdom. 26 December 1980.

As darkness fell, an RAF security patrol observed a series of strange lights descending into the gloom-laden Rendlesham Forest.
An investigative team was dispatched.
The officers noted burn marks and broken branches – a mysterious triangular pattern was also discovered on the forest floor.
This is what they heard.’

At the risk of revealing the plot, Lights in the Sky starts with piercing trepidation that fills you with the same amount of dread as when you know a jump scene is coming in a horror film. Instead of finding an ominous figure in the mirror, you’re slammed into the glitchy static of distorted drum & bass beats that are accented by reports of responders at the scene. Towards the outro, Lights in the Sky submerges itself further into darkness with noisy no-wave inclination.

On that basis, it’s very unlikely we’ll forget the London-based one-man-machine any time soon.

Lights in the Sky is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ackson – Blue Flux: Ambiently Dark Experimental Electronica

Judging by the hype around Alt Electronica artist and producer Ackson’s latest single “Blue Flux”, I’m not the only one who likes to delve into electronically contorted, genre-melting indulgently unpredictable soundscapes.

Blue Flux is the second single to be released from their EP “9TEEN8E6”, a collection of tracks which ooze ingenuity and will pierce you with the striking distinction. From Hip Hop to Glitch to Jazz to Ambiently Dark Progressive Techno, you’ll find all of that and more in the consistently beguiling instrumental track which becomes more immersive with every new evolution.

If you place any new electronica producer on your radar this year, make it Ackson.  Their ability to spill soul and dystopically cathartic vibes into obscurely arrestive arrangements is unparalleled.

You can check out Blue Flux which dropped on June 25th along with Ackson’s earlier releases by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

U.V.P – Spread Your Wings featuring LiBa: Entrancingly Progressive Leftfield Electronica

Bristol, UK-based Electronica artist and producer U.V.P dropped their latest track Spread Your Wings in collaboration with LiBa on June 12th.

The seductively structured feat of artfully downbeat electronica may be slow to start, but the extended mix carries an arsenal of progressive innovation. After building up to an entrancingly danceable sun-soaked soundscape, Spread Your Wings guides you through a myriad of progressions, each is as adrenalizing as the last.

LiBa’s distinctive and almost genre-less vocals found perfect synergy with U.V.P’s deftly crafted beats and allowed collaborative chemistry to drip from Spread Your Wings.

We may not be celebrating summer dance hits in the usual way this year, but whatever mood the Leftfield earworm catches you in, it will definitely be sweeter by the time you get to the outro.

You can stream and purchase U.V.P’s track Spread Your Wings via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast