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Nostalgic Smells pierced through the shadows of ennui with his debut post-grunge hit, Glimmer

The post-grunge movement has been pushed forward with the emo-adjacent debut single, Glimmer, from the Scottish solo artist, Nostalgic Smells, who dove headfirst into emotional depths most would drown in.

After earning his stripes as a drummer and honing his ear for rhythm and melody, Nostalgic Smells’ knew exactly where to implant the hooks within the angst and disquietude of his ode to the intersections between emo and 90s grunge.

Glimmer is an enthralling return to the thick, sludgy hooks and emotive turmoil that defined an era. Despite its dense layers of distortion, David’s knack for melody shines through in the song’s structure which is rife with tensile progressions that meticulously pull the listener into its emotionally charged core, reminiscent of the sounds of Nirvana and HUM.

The debut invigorates the familiar with a freshness often attempted but rarely achieved in the modern music scene. For those who grew up with the resonant beats of Helmet or the textured distortions of Quicksand, Glimmer promises a journey back to those raw, introspective soundscapes, while also beckoning to those new to the scene.

The lyrical aching for a modicum of light to break the dark clouds of ennui couldn’t be more affecting in this intensely authentic hit that is already going down a storm and creating immense anticipation for the sophomore release.

Glimmer sludged up the airwaves on April 15; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast