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Underrated New York Hip hop artist Dan Duece knows that he will make it despite the past on ‘Life Story’

Produced by Metrobeats, Dan Duece leads us into the past and his future with excellent bars that have you admiring his grit and determination to get away from that drug-fueled life that has taken many good souls away forever on ‘Life Story‘.

Dan Duece is a Queens, New York-born indie Hip hop artist who after being sucked into a world that threatened to destroy all of his skills, has made a movie-like comeback.

Giving us a real picture that isn’t fake and made up like so many other rappers do, Dan Duece¬†speaks the truth and has dropped an underground track that will have many nodding their head in admiration at his efforts. Slicing away all the self-doubts and getting his life into a reality that can actually lead the way to success – is what we encounter here – and this is a heartwarming moment to truly support.

Been doing this for a long time on and off was a way different game when I first started now older and a lot more wiser.” ~ Dan Duece

Life Story‘ from the Long Island, New York-based indie Hip hop artist Dan Duece, guides us through the world of a quality emcee who almost died. He was low for a while but rose up like the champ that he is now, to get away from a fuzzy-brained atmosphere that will only take you six feet under if you don’t fly away. He raps with an unprecedented vigour that is mightily impressive and shows those who have given up, that it is actually possible to win if you are willing to re-train yourself and find that inner determination.

Reaching those goals and conquering those shoulder-tapping demons, feels so good if you believe in yourself enough. Finding your true tribe who push you to be great, certainly helps you get there too.

Check out this honest story on Soundcloud and see more via his Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen