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Give Me The Blame

YUTZI knows that its a selfish move but one that needs to happen on, ‘Give Me The Blame’

Showing the elevated growth from their start as a backyard party band to one of East Coast’s most-loved groups, YUTZI drop the lead single from their 3rd EP with the foot-tapping release about moving on from love with, ‘Give Me The Blame‘.

YUTZI (pronounced: YUTE-zee) is a Baltimore, Maryland-based indie rock band who have made a maximum impact so far and thrills with a fiery display.

A song about the difficulty of leaving a relationship to pursue your dreams. Lead singer, Tom Starr wrote the song to channel emotions he had been feeling after moving on from a relationship to pursue his dream of becoming a successful touring musician.” ~ YUTZI

Gracing our speakers with a really dreamy single that sends you into a reflective place that could cause you to doubt if you made the right decision, YUTZI shows us why they are one of the most intriguing bands around with a top performance that shall have you looking deep inside yourself for guidance.

YUTZI was formed by childhood friends and elementary school rock band-mates.” ~ YUTZI

Give Me The Blame‘ from Baltimore, Maryland-based indie rock act YUTZI is a memorable release that might invoke pain for those who have felt that they have lost a partner due to a career move. With smooth vocals and a song packed with a groovy vibe that is so nostalgic, this is a track that will have you gazing outside the window and wondering if you made the right move.

Sometimes life takes you to another path, as you decide if this is the best one for you or not one you wish to walk down.

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