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Girl of Little Words

Trying to get home: Lu Carter is stunningly stupendous on her self-reflective single about a childhood memory while listening to ‘Weird Al Yankovic’

Taken off her latest astounding five-track EP that wasn’t supposed to happen called ‘Girl of Little Words‘, Lu Carter sends the anxious world a peaceful melody to remember fondly called ‘Weird Al Yankovic‘.

Michaela Carter aka Lu Carter, is a resilient Salem, Oregon-born, Brooklyn, New York City-based, experimental indie-folk singer songwriter and barista, who beautifully makes that old school nostalgic gems from the untouched forest, that carefully float into your curious brain and soothes your beating heart, like a cuppa hot chocolate on a cold winters day.

She peruses the thoughts of childhood and aging gracefully in her music and fills each listener with a genuine sense that you have heard a truly kind and authentic artist-who formulates ear-bending soundscapes-to give us hope and feel loved again.

This is the fascinating story of not being quite where you thought you would be in life and perhaps, being a bit hard on yourself at times. Her carefully crafted lyrics take you places on the clouds above and this poem is much more than that, as you close your ears, a small tear drips quietly down your cheek, as you imagine her stuck in traffic with her sibling beside her, stuck in traffic and all she wants to do is go home.

You get lost sometimes when you listen to Lu as she is a mood shapeshifter-her voice is so enchanting and real-going quiet sometimes mysteriously while she whispers tenderly and then you hear her clearly again, she catches your attention and your breath away, the angel sent to help us understand our childhood is here already.

Weird Al Yankovic‘ from the soothingly organic NYC singer-songwriter and sweet soul Lu Carter, is an absolute masterpiece from a caring musician who is making her way in this world and sharing her most vulnerable memories with us so eloquently. Her vivid storytelling is so majestic as her honesty overrides all and you feel at peace with yourself and the world.

The feeling of being sad and happy at the same time is something that was unfathomable before. This is the power of music and how some artists can enter your heart to help you deal with pain, is quite incredible.

Hear this lovely new single on her Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen