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Making The Move: Kang wants something different on the electric gem ‘Take You Home’ (feat. Gillian Caruso)

Taken off the bass-thumping four-track dance EP called ‘Arcadia‘, Kang wants it to change for the better on ‘Take You Home(feat. Gillian Caruso).

Kang is a Hoboken, New Jersey-based music producer, songwriter, performer and DJ, who loves finding out what others are inspired by and how it replenishes their soul for the better.

This is the true message of knowing where you are in life, and being able to take action — as you open the creaking door and go towards exactly where you need to be — your heart is beating and you know it won’t stop, until you do something about it.

She sings with such heart and deep thought attached as the gaze out the window has her mood alight, as she is unhappy with how things are and wants to change it.

With a sweeping beat that catches your attention and featuring a luscious vocal delivery, this is that perfect winter track when you are feeling down and need to be inspired again.

Take You Home (feat. Gillian Caruso) from New Jersey-based music producer and DJ Kang, shows us that sometimes you just need to take a chance and give your heart a moment to heal with another soul. Having a bottle of wine by yourself may keep you happy for a short time — but soon your mind wonders — as you desire that intimate touch, that can heal all worries away into the distance.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more visuals on Kang’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen