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Never Again: New York power band Ghostwreck urge us to never give up on ‘Champagne’

Taken off their exciting project called ‘The City is Gone‘, Ghostwreck saunter in strongly with their latest riff-laden single that will have you turning up the volume to hear each second with ‘Champagne‘.

Ghostwreck is a thrilling four-piece New York City-based based collaboration of quality musicians who fuse post-rock, punk, metal, and other still-to-be-discovered genres into their ferocious sound. They make that striking soundscape that crashes into you like a powerful wave in the ocean, as it washes all the self-doubt off your body, and takes you to that safe shore again.

They have a pulsating sound that smashes through your veins, the vocals are strong and clear to hear, with a band that certainly puts all on the line, and this is high paced music at its best. You feel their determination and its so inspiring, as they blaze a fire right to our hearts to gain strength from.

Champagne‘ from the NYC four-piece act Ghostwreck, shows us a band on a mission to help us to never give up no matter what. Money seems to drive so many people but it really isn’t everything, as that true happiness is the key that unlocks all your desires. If you know where that elusive key is, grab it, show those who you truly love how to find it too, and never let it go.

Stream this new track on Spotify and check out their IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen