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Ghosts, Maybe uplifts our mood into potential inventiveness with the 14-track release ‘Pacifist Fiction’

With a sound that will take you back to a previous alternate world entirely, Ghosts, Maybe, is on a whole new island that is certainly worth visiting on ‘Pacifist Fiction‘.

Founded by Dylan Rosychuk, Ghosts, Maybe is an Edmonton, Alberta-born indie alternative electronic band who makes a blend of music that takes you back into a nostalgic zone you forgot existed.

They are known for making odd, danceable songs that sound like a drunk garage band making 80s pop.” ~ Ghosts, Maybe

With particular highlights such as ‘Ambulance Man‘, ‘The Screams‘ and ‘Grit‘, Ghosts, Maybe might shake your collarbone just right like a chiropractor who is on top form at this precise moment.

There are cheesy songs about falling in love, going to the beach, and finding inner strength. There are weird songs about serial killers, abuse, dystopian societies run by robot/alien overlords and, of course, a song about Nic Cage in the Scorsese classic “Bringing Out the Dead” in which he is an ambulance man.” ~ Ghosts, Maybe

Pacifist Fiction‘ from Edmonton, Alberta-born indie alternative band Ghosts, Maybe is a timeless trip back to a different time altogether, and this is a reminder that there is a place to vortex through if you somehow manage to survive this noisy universe.

Packed with an underground edge that scissors through your throbbing veins, this is a worthwhile listen for those who love a smartly chosen risk from the hard working underdog.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen