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We’ll Plant You a Garden: Ghostgirl radiates through the strange spaces on step out of the shade

Self-taught and with that courageous community spirit to overcome all obstacles presented, Ghostgirl sings with the kind of spirit on the searching-for-hope song which might induce a few tears, step out of the shade.

Kay Rowan aka Ghostgirl is a London, UK-based trans composer, indie songwriter, and multi-skilled actor who grew up in classical music and genuine traditional folk.

Was written as a prayer. Not in a religious sense, but in a profoundly human sense. Sometimes you can find yourself praying for someone to understand their own value – when you watch someone adrift in an endless ocean of their own despair, seeing every anchor as a new way to drown. It’s hard, to watch as someone gives up, daunted by their idea of who they should be. It’s hard to look into the mirror, and see that person reflected back at you, when you’re so used to externalising. So you do what we all do: you throw more anchors into the sea, and hope one reaches in time. Songs are kind of like that – little anchors to keep the world from drifting away.” ~ Kay Rowan

With a hauntingly beautiful aura and filling our veins with a rather sad story, Ghostgirl starts the restorative process and climbs out of bed to see where that true value is. This is underground music at its best due to vocally heart-healing melodies and with honest lyrics, this is a true gem.

step out of the shade from London, UK-based trans multi-talented musician Ghostgirl is a rather special effort. This is unpretentious music at its finest. There is depth here. Mountains of strength, weaved in with so much tragic innocence, in a world which seems so harsh right now.

When you know it’s time to go outside again, it’s best to find the light to warm the soul.

Hear this fine song on Bandcamp. See more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen