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Back To Your Arms: Kinju wonders why a past lover made him into a Ghost

Remembering the broken trust and something other than real, Kinju roams rather quietly inside a reflective soundtrack for anyone who feels so lonely like a Ghost after a traumatic breakup.

Kinju is a Puerto Rico-born Denver, Colorado-based indie RnB singer-songwriter who makes honent melodies to alleviate all worries away.

21 years old but have gone through experiences most people my age can’t even think of and that my friend; is what brings me to music.” ~ Kinju

Softly spoken but ensuring full eloquence with a tremendous performance, Kinju is on top form with Ghost and drifts slowly into all facets of our lives. This is that real message to lather inside when we needed it most after wanting something that isn’t meant to be.

Ghost from Denver, Colorado-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Kinju is a rather incredible single which will make many wonder why love has to be complicated sometimes. Taking our minds into a deeper place of understanding with a tinge of regret, this is a rather eye-opening story millions have sadly felt before in this odd world.

Listen up on Soundcloud. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Memphis-based Subtle Citizen wonders where she went to on ‘Ghost’

With an unmistakably catchy start that gets you into the mood to dance with, Subtle Citizen tells us the story about that soul that just vanished away like a cute ‘Ghost‘ in the distance.

Subtle Citizen is a Memphis, Tennessee-based indie-rock/pop band who make a quality blend of music that has you clicking your fingers and singing along.

Soothing our senses with a delightful track that is made with a real insight into a moment that will never be forgotten, Subtle Citizen captures our attention with a fine new single – that will have your heart beating – as you bring your mind back to that moment when that future lover, flew away before you got to really know them.

Ghost‘ from the Memphis, Tennessee-based indie-rock/pop act Subtle Citizen, is the story all about falling for someone who perhaps isn’t quite there as you want them to be. With one side keen and the other indifferent, you get the sense that this will end up in unfortunate heartbreak for one party. Sung with a mature vocal ambience that is rather smooth and with a beat that reminds you of happier times – this is a single for anyone who has had their soul crushed – by a wondering heart who isn’t quite sure where they are currently.

Check out their new single on Spotify and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Remember: Kentucky’s Levi Cadle sadly knows they have been gone for years on ‘Ghost’

Powered once again by Bentley Records, Levi Cadle is at his absolute best about a loved soul who is sadly not there anymore on the latest single called ‘Ghost‘.

Kentucky, USA-based guitarist, indie Alt-RnB/Soul singer-songwriter, former band member of a plethora of local bands and music wizard Levi Cadle, is an expressive artist who likes to put his whole heart into everything he drops.

Through high school and beyond, Levi has played in full bands, trios, in a duo, and as a solo artist, taking full advantage of any chance to learn and apply that knowledge to his own musical understanding of himself.” ~ Levi Cadle

This is the sad story about missing someone so much, as you were so close once. Unfortunately they have since vanished, but you will never forget about them as the memory is still so vivid. You feel his pain soak all over this tear-raising effort, that has you wondering about those who are sadly now lost to time.

Ghost‘ from the multi-talented Kentucky-based indie Alt RnB/Soul artist Levi Cadle, shows us a man who recalls that unique person who he thought would be there forever. The love will always entrenched into his soul, as he sings with a raw emotion that is quite sensationally projected by a truly outstanding artist.

Hear this fab new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mortimer Jackson is quite brilliant on ‘Ghosts’

After receiving airplay from Radio legend Steve Lamacq on his 6music Recommends show, Mortimer Jackson returns with his new single ‘Ghosts‘.

Jackson was born in Camden in vibrant London. He was and raised listening to Bob Dylan & Chuck Berry in the foothills of Glastonbury.  After Uni, Jackson moved to Fremantle, Western Australia, where he wrote material for his next project. Inspired by Merseybeat, he returned to London and assembled a new band. The creative juices are always flowing with this quality song that that is off the top shelf.

Since the birth of his son, Jackson has decided to go solo, honing the sounds and influences he has acquired over the years. In addition to the approval of Steve Lamacq, his first few tracks have also earned recognition and support from New Noise Magazine and BBC Radio Wales. With the respect of the industry, this is a top class artist who seems to be getting better and better.

Mortimer Jackson is a fantastic musician, with years of experience in the music game. He plays with authority on ‘Ghosts‘, the veteran sings with gusto and this is such a quality track with excellent production.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brannon is back with his new emotional gem called ‘Ghost’

LA group Brannon are back with their emotional new indie release called ‘Ghost’.

Brannon consists of Los Angeles-based award-winning lyricist Jonathon Brannon and highly acclaimed Birmingham, Alabama based studio vocalist David Cagle. These two make quite an amazing duo.

This is all about meeting that special soul in your life. The problem is that she is now gone and her ghost is wherever you go and you can’t get her face out of your mind. You desire her so much and just want to be together.

Although a late bloomer in regards to songwriting, lyricist Jonathon Brannon writes from the heart, crafting relatable & meaningful songs for the listener. Known for his soulful & passionate Rock vocals, David Cagle has shared his versatile talents with bands like LastWorld, Marty and the Bad Punch, Liberty n’ Justice, February Fallen, Silent Tiger, just to name a few.

Jonathon and David have never met in person, however, they have been creating songs together since 2007, all of which, have been done entirely online. This is actual incredible that they have never met. I wonder if they ever will?

Brannon is set to release their third Acoustic Rock album ‘Everyday Heroes’ on September 11, 2020 and are currently working on their fourth studio album ‘Wish You Were Here‘ scheduled for release in 2021. This is a fine duo that online, are doing everything they can to bring our quality music.

Stream here to hear more.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Or1gin & Nellie S get over old memories on ”Ghost”

Or1gin and Nellie S rip through with the new track that is a self-reflective indie-electro song called ”Ghost”.

The point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived. This is the story of letting go of that ghost and what is holding you back. You have shared special memories but now the time to move on.

This is such a powerful song that makes you think of past moments in your life and how we could be dragging along ghosts with us. Those can haunt you and can also weigh your soul down.

Driven by the sensational vocals of the breathless Nellie S, we are treated to a sonic memory that will be timeless. I love the beat from Or1gin and everything about this song screams quality. ”Ghost” digs up old memories but can also inspire us to change our ways. This is what music is really about.

Stream this breathtaking pop single on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen