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Get It How You Want It

Texas-based music producer and rapper Louie Sace only practice what he preaches on ‘Get It How You Want It’

Flexing his bulletproof flow that rolls in with a fresh style that is perfect for that ride late at night, Louie Sace shows us how he moves in these sordid streets that can strike you down at any second with dangerous shots that will put you six feet under on ‘Get It How You Want It‘.

Louie Sace is an indie Hip hop singer-songwriter and music producer from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas who constructs a catchy blend of music that has your head nodding all night.

Featuring lots of weapon-loaded lyrics from someone who is keenly aware of protecting himself from the haters out there, Louie Sace sends us a reminder that you can indeed do anything in life and all our journeys are different. There is a hardened edge here that is sharp and full of a laser-focus direction – that lets you know that he is not messing around in childish games – as so many fall into.

Get It How You Want It‘ from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist Louie Sace, is a street-filled track that has your mentality alive with the lessons learnt from living in this wild world. There is a savvy nature here from an artist who knows what he needs to do, in order to stay alive and to thrive mightily with a rapid-fire delivery that gets your speakers in the mood to achieve those dreams.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see his style on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen