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Zen Warship – Get Higher: A Fusionist Riot to Awaken the Soul

The Renewal by Zen Warship

Zen Warship’s latest single, Get Higher, from their forthcoming LP, The Renewal, is a testament to the Washington DC band’s dedication to following anything that grooves. This time, they’ve ignited a fusionist riot that will awaken the soul. With groove pockets as deep as the Grand Canyon, it’s all too easy to nestle into the vibrant euphoria of this release, which signifies the band’s ambition to deliver their listeners from their own funk into an exhilarating synthesis of funk, soul, ska, and disco.

Get Higher is feel-good transcendence at its finest, capturing the effervescently electrifying energy of Zen Warship’s live performance perfectly. As soon as you lock into the groove, your rhythmic pulses will be commandeered by the kinetic rapture. The single’s lush horns and dynamic rhythm section create a contagious beat that elevates the psyche and embodies the band’s ethos of delivering emotional renewal.

Set to release on June 30, 2024, The Renewal reflects the band’s journey through the post-COVID era with new members and a fresh sound. Guitarist Tyler Moselle, bassist Roberto Giberti, singer Preethy Kolinjivadi, and multi-instrumentalist Emre Tufekcioglu have crafted an album brimming with collaborative spirit and creative tension. The addition of a robust horn section, including trumpet, trombone, and saxophones, brings an intricate and layered sound to the compositions of trumpeter Zack Forbes.

Get Higher was officially released on May 14. Stream and purchase the single on Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast