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Those Travels: Atlanta producer/rapper Marsalis dreams of those wild times in ‘Mexico’

As he atmospherically advances our mindset with a smoothly cut freestyle-type of track to transform our constantly changing moods into the much-awaited holiday season, Marsalis imagines the party-filled summer with his beautiful crush on the road trip to ‘Mexico‘.

Marsalis is an emerging Atlanta, Georgia-based music producer, Georgia State University student, audio engineer, hip-hop artist, and brand owner. He is a skilled performer who shows us his experienced production techniques that were born from his hard work and self-belief, in his ever-increasing abilities.

Marsalis is focused on creating new waves of music that are just as enjoyable as artistic. From creating dark moody vibes to creating summer soundtracks, he is an experienced producer who is a part of the new wave of artists that create soundscapes, as well as perform on them.” ~ Marsalis

Mexico‘ from the burgeoning Atlanta, Georgia-based music producer and hip-hop artist Marsalis, is a testament to the positive outlook that has him thinking of better days away in an exotic country, to get away from it all for a while. He displays impressive ability behind the mic with a gritty and eloquently smooth delivery, that is fused with such a memorable voice that you can’t easily forget. This feels like the start of something special for the GA native who seems to have all the right tools in the box, to create something great.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen