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Groove and soul intertwined in Ceesa’s hip-hop debut, Special

Ceesa, an emerging talent from Tifton, Georgia, made an unmissable entry into the hip-hop arena with his single ‘Special’, a track that resonates with the rhythm and soul of hip-hop and showcases his unique flair and potential.

‘Special’ opens with an intro that blurs the lines between genres, featuring female backing vocals that are as powerful as they are emotive, layered over gentle melodies reminiscent of progressive house. This fusion sets the stage for what is a genre-bending experience. Ceesa then takes the reins, proving himself as Georgia’s new flow king. His verses are crafted with a finesse that allows the emotions to resonate deeply, making listeners feel the love in this song as if it were their own.

The seamless blend of trap beats with Latin RnB guitars creates a soundscape that captures the irreplicable bliss of being seen as though the other 8.1 billion people in the world fade away. Ceesa’s debut, infused with personal emotion and stylistic innovation, is a testament to his talent and a hint at his promising future in the music industry. For fans of Yvng.Wolfe, KingTrey, and Ivory Scott, ‘Special’ is a must-listen.

Special hit the airwaves on March 12th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rising rap artist Vaun1k gives us ALLADAT in his latest release.

‘ALLADAT’ is the third release from breaking rap artist and vibe alchemist Vaun1k, his music flows in the tides of new wave trap, but even old school fans will want to test the waters in this smooth ride of a release.

Since their 2019 debut, the Atlanta, Georgia-hailing independent artist has amassed plenty of hype around his melodious canter and beats that bring the energy but allow Vaun1k’s RnB-inspired vocals to dominate the mix without ever being over-facing. With the flawless production, his enigmatic person and the playful wit in the lyrics, you can consider 1k a triple threat.

ALLADAT is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mentoring youth and making beats: Atlanta based Hip Hop artist One Deuce urges us all to ‘Neva Leave Empty Handed’

Atlanta’s multi-skilled producer and Hip Hop artist One Deuce rips the door open with the truthful new single named ‘Neva Leave Empty Handed‘.

One Deuce is always looking to evolve, innovate, help the youth, and get his music out to as many ears as possible. With this kind of constant self-motivation, its easy to see why he is a well-respected creative, and a strong pillar of hope in his local community.

With the shaker start that reminds you of Christmas, to a rap delivery that is so unlike many of his contemplates these days. His style is old school and reminds us of the 80’s and 90’s era where arguably the genre was at its peak and loved the world over. The smooth rap technique is highly impressive, and the consistency adds a welcome distraction from the gloomy nature of 2020.

This is a musician who feels like he is at the top of the food chain and has so much confidence in his ability. He slings a rhythm that is full of gun shots in the sample and a thumping beat that busts through the speaker, to make a cup full of ear-ringing swag for our hearts.

His Mama told him to never leave without what you came for and this is quality advice. If you set your goals high enough you can certainly achieve them but it won’t be a piece of cake. In a reactionary and ‘want it quick’ world, this is a song that is simple and smart in execution.

Neva Leave Empty Handed‘ from Atlanta’s One Deuce is a street banger that is all about taking that one chance. You might not get too many opportunities in this Walking Dead kind of world so getting your cheese when you can, is the key to life’s refrigerator.

Support his music journey on Soundcloud and see more about his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen