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Gene Blank

Gene Blank Tests The Power Of Your Love

Gene Blank is a multi-discipline musical creative, writing, producing, mixing and mastering songs across any number of genres and styles. Here we find him indulging in the funkier side of his musical brain. The Power (Of Your Love) was co written with Laszlo Horvath and sits somewhere between energetic blue-eyed soul, dance grooves and jaunty ska where the foot is very much on the musical gas and the result is an infectious delivery of upbeat, upscale, uptown pop funk.

At a collision point where pop contagion smashes into soul vibes, where just enough rock solidity underpins strutting funky moves and then all topped off with vocal hooks so strong you could hang your coat on them, this song and indeed its authors are masters of all that they survey. This is funk ground zero, this is point Blank. They walk a line between unselfconscious cool and industrial strength party anthems creating a sound which has only one function…to get you up and dancing and even on the first play of this wonderfully addictive track, it is difficult to see how it could ever fail.