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I’m A Soldier: Geaux Honcho feels like a spaceman as he floats around the haters on ‘Theif In The Night’

While his enemies stare at his moves and look so silly jealous, Geaux Honcho has decided to put the peddle to the metal and swirls into our lives with his new single about that girl who stole his heart like a ‘Theif In The Night‘.

Geaux Honcho aka David Gibson, is a married Baton Rouge, Louisiana-born, Austin, Texas-based indie Hip Hop artist with a calming flow.

This is the story about seeing what is around you and staying sharp no matter what for your lover to stay safe, as your enemies keep their swords close by just in case you make a slip up. Rapped with a mellow style from an artist who is certainly sure about where he is headed in life, this is that cruise-with-the-mates type of experience that shows you into the life of a man who was once starving as a youngster. As he now reaps the tasty fruits of his labour, you feel like he is never letting go of what he has started.

Theif In The Night‘ from the Austin, Texas-based indie Hip Hop solo artist Geaux Honcho, is a new school sounding rap track featuring a script – all about doing what you need to do in order to survive in this weird world – while looking fodly at this incredible woman you are with. So many other guys want to be with her but you feel like she is yours, as you count up the paper and take her to a place you can both feel safe inside.

Sometimes you just need to elevate to get onto that new floor above, to avoid the stagnation that can keep you doing the same dull things forever.

Check out this new single on YouTube and follow his moves on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen