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GAY LIPS releases EP Fuck The Plan, Sell The man

GAY LIPS has dropped seven-track anthology ‘Fuck The Plan, Sell The Man’. Now it’s safe to say this E.P infuses a lot of diverse sounds and it’s rather on the strange side but that’s what makes it so compelling to listen too.

The duo channels their anger through their Pop-Punk mashup to create these insane pieces of music. Having pure fury pulsing throughout each track, they sure know how to make everything sound aggressive and chaotic.

It’s heavy and there’s a lot going on with many elements from sound, to vocals and the overall style. Each track has its own reason to stand out when talking about the instrumentation: you have the real Punk essence, the killer riffs on the guitar and the thunderous drum beats. The vocal ranges are incredibly raucous and have a rather harsh tone to them, straying to that high-pitched shriek in parts and amping up the pitch by the loud shouting.

The instrumentals are loud and insane and from the second the album starts you know exactly what these guys have to offer and if you’re a fan of rather peculiar and heavy music then this one’s for you.

Head on over to Spotify now to check out GAY LIPS EP Fuck The Plan, Sell The Man

Review by Karley Myall