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Find that genuine love: Gavin Graye sends a ‘Real Stuff’ message that needs to be heard

Gavin Graye sends the world a truthful gem that is all about that ‘Real Stuff‘ that we need to aim for, instead of focusing on those meaningless crushes that won’t ever properly warm your heart.

Seventeen year old Texas Hill Country alt-indie singer-songwriter/writer/producer Gavin Graye, has an uplifting voice that sends through a soothing energy blanket, to a world that needs lots of hugs and good vibes. He is a young musician that only has big goals in mind and sings with a freedom that elevates his soundscapes to bring us all some peace and inspiration, to our battered souls.

When you are truly fascinated by the intricate details that most people in the world would never even think of, you can hear this inner-skill in his voice as he layers the design of the track in a way that formulates a song to remember. He feels like a quick learner who is only going to grow into an artist that will be successful at anything he sets his mind to. With a humble nature, this makes him someone you want to succeed.

”I was inspired to create this song because so many people seek out shallow relationships, but should be seeking out authentic love instead.”-Gavin Graye

With influences intertwined into his music such as electronic, pop, punk, alternative and R&B, he sings with an element of heartbreak as it feels like he has dealt with losing a true love who was in his arms before. His voice has so much variety and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The melodies here grab your attention and the stories of wanting that real feeling is such a marvelous message that seems to be forgotten sometimes.

Real Stuff‘ from the youthful Texas singer-songwriter Gavin Graye¬†is a mature song that teaches us to avoid shallowness that has no real meaning. In a world full of quick-swipe and forget-fast moments, this is an absolute gem of a song that young and old need to listen to and take action on. After all, that real love is so good for the soul.

Hear this energetic single on Spotify and see his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen