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Moving on upwards: Scottish producer Gary Dewar is ready for what’s next on top notch debut single ‘No More Tears’

Gary Dewar is quite excellent on his debut electronic offering and this one will pull on your heart strings but eventually lift you into a better place on ‘No More Tears‘.

Mysterious Scottish music producer Gary Dewar somehow balances a full time job, being a Dad to young kids and finds time to make atmospheric edm soundscapes with that rhythmical bounce to lift you off your feet.

The wonderful mysterious female vocals are so sweet on the ear- like getting a kiss on the cheek from a crush you truly care about. The busty bass flies on upwards with wings that are wide and makes you float in the sun-filled sky, looking down at this crazy world and having a cheeky grin planted on your face as you get away for a short while.

The story about not crying anymore and the tears has dried up as its time to move on from the past. Sometimes we need a little bit of motivation to rise again and this is the perfect tonic. Crystal clear vocals with skilled production is the order of the day here on a terrific single that is full of class and poise.

Debut Spotify release ‘No More Tears‘ from soulful Scottish producer Gary Dewar¬†is an indie-electro single with so much stylish sonic landscape that it puts you into a mood to get up again after falling down.

The last year has been horrific but luckily thanks to top notch music like this, the world can be a better place for a few minutes as it transforms your heart to be happier. When the going gets tough, the tough get going they say.

Hear the new single on Spotify and see the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen