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Garden on a Trampoline

Make You Dinner: Garden on a Trampoline will try to catch that sorrow on Someone to Hold

Taken from the 14-track album called Syzygy, Garden on a Trampoline has dropped a fascinating single who floats us into a romantic story which has been made to bring joy to our lives on Someone to Hold.

Garden on a Trampoline (formally known as Automatic Pilot) aka Jim Laczkowski is a USA-based power pop rock singer-songwriter.

As a solo artist, he toured as a folk punker in 2007 as James Eric, playing a variety of house shows from Chicago all the way to Maine.” ~ Jim Laczkowski

Honest and gripping to the core, Garden on a Trampoline jumpstart our hearts into a happier perspective. Soaked in so much desire and terrific intensions, as we close our eyes and smile.

Someone to Hold from USA-based power pop rock singer-songwriter Garden on a Trampoline is a positively unique song about sharing tomorrow. Wrapped with a loving nature and showing us what is takes to be that caring partner, this is a call for that soulmate to appear.

When you know who you want, everything changes forever.

Flow through the speakers on Spotify. See more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen