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Leah Nawy has unleashed her iconic indie pop rock playlist staple, Friend of Mine

We’ve been obsessed with the NYC pop rock pioneer Leah Nawy ever since sinking into her lusciously groove-pocketed debut single, NUISANCE, which has racked up over 46k streams on Spotify alone since its release in 2023. In the opening verses of her sophomore single, Friend of Mine, the singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist exhibited a softer and more vulnerable side in her confessional release which alludes to how opening yourself up to people is only priming for the scars that will be left when you inevitably part ways.

When there’s little to separate realism and pessimism after life experiences have taught you that optimism is the outlook of the naïve, sentiments which unravel with the same pensive sting as the lyrics in Friend of Mine are inevitable. Yet, by the time the track reaches the midway mark, it transcends into a soulful power ballad before metamorphosising into an indie rock anthem for the disenfranchised but tenacious despite the bruises masses.

By bursting the bubblegum pop bubble with spikes of cultivated indie rock, the melancholy within Friend of Mine adopted a brand-new ferocity as an attestation to how you can reflect on your shortcomings without falling into a trap of self-pity. With a voice as indomitable as Lady Gaga fused with a cutting-edge indie pop rock signature sound, she’s a rare artist whose work merits her being referred to as an icon. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Friend of Mine was officially released on December 22. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Escape the existentialism with Talketto’s latest single ‘Across the Table’

Brighton-based indie producer, Talketto’s latest single ‘Across the Table’ is an indulgent escape from existentialism; if you could imagine what it would sound like if Lou Reed collaborated with the Legendary Pink Dots, you’ll get a good idea of what is in store when you hit play.

The despondently hazy vocals come with a sardonic bite as they chomp down on the semi-psychedelic artfully impactful spacey synths which weave colourful progressions as Talketto delves deep into the agony and inconvenience of the human experience.

Across the Table truly deserves to be a staple to everyone’s ambient indie playlists. Talketto may think outside of archetypal boxes, but each of their soundscapes consume you through the sheer ingenuity.

Across the Table is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ride the New Wave Indie tides in Pretty Visitors’ single ‘Hollywood Tantrum’

From the first jangly tonally tropic note in Pretty Visitors latest single ‘Hollywood Tantrum’ which features on their AA release alongside ‘I Think My Life is Working Out’ you’ll instantly feel the endearing warmth which raises the temperature in the New Wave Indie Pop hit.

With a nuanced Jazz infusion, Hollywood Tantrum exceeds every expectation you have when delving into a new artist’s sound. Authenticity, check. Rhythmic magnetism, check. Soulfully-expressive lyrics, check. It may be a sticky-sweet track, but it was never in danger of resonating as saccharine thanks to the hint of vocal despondence which ensured that every hint of euphoria you feel is grounded in gritty reality.

The Essex-based trailblazers are undoubtedly one to watch.

You can check out the AA release via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast