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Seeking that decision: New York’s Sky Spirals bring their uniquely brilliant Alt-Rock flavor on ‘Don’t Say Maybe’

Long Island, New York cosmic creators Sky Spirals dazzle the galaxies up above with the mind-bending experience that is called ‘Don’t Say Maybe‘.

This is the 2nd Alt-Rock single from the brand new ‘Underneath A Tie-Dye Sky‘ album. The stunning start is filled with a lovely piano-filled intro that is like a calming wave that has come to the shore, after the horrible storm that caused so much damage.

You don’t hear such creative music like this everyday and the intricate layers here are calming and makes you think deeply about people you have met before, that hate to make a proper decision. You like to know what is going on but some others like to hide their true feelings.

”We are interested in exploring the sonic relationships between analog and digital media.”- Sky Spirals

This is the story of wanting an answer and not a middling maybe that doesn’t do anything but cause confusion. It can set you free to say yes or no, the middle is like being stuck in an elevator; you can’t go up, down or get out unless you are Jason Bourne.

Indecision is such a normal thing these days as this frustrates the poetically astute singer-songwriter. The background beat are almost TV-game like at times an this flowing energy field is perfectly constructed and the lyrics are so honest.

New York galaxy travelers Sky Spirals have created a niche style and this is the kind of forward-thinking music that is often ignored. They deserve heaps of credit for making such a gem and ‘Don’t Say Maybe‘ will have you feeling thoughtful and that grumpy 2020 mood will definitely improve.

Hear this top track on Soundcloud, see the incredible poetry and head more via Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen