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Don’t Ever Follow Me: kai Kyoto wonders why the lies slapped his face on die 4 me

Recollecting a damaged past relationship which sadly faded away into the shadows, kai Kyoto sends chills down many spines on the superbly tailored stunner, die 4 me.

kai Kyoto is an Atlanta, GA-based indie rapper who wants to change the world and instil love in a society where creativity and passion transmit through the gutters and veins of the lost generation.

Just like each and every single one of you, I’m human. I make mistakes. I’m not perfect. But best believe I’m trying. If your willing to accept that, then this is kyoto.” ~ kai Kyoto

Gliding us through each sinew of this traumatic moment which changed two lives, kai Kyoto has dropped a sensational soundtrack for us to all learn from. Showing us the fragility of a lost love which promised so much, we are thrilled to the core from a tremendously in-form artist who is only elevating.

die 4 me from Atlanta, GA-based indie rapper kai Kyoto is a rather tranquil melody which will send ears peace where there was war. Closing the door on a past love which burnt away like a fire in the mountains, for us to find a truly embrace-packed track for the ages.

Sung with a delightfully enlightening tone and so much calm energy, this is a sensational release which will leave many millions recalling a time when the kisses stopped.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

XVT BOMBI releases catchy Hip-Hop and Rap single TRIP

XVT BOMBI has dropped his track ‘TRIP’ this Hip-Hop and Rap piece portrays this infectious beat and an excellent flow between the melody and the vocals.

Starting off with an eerie effect having a rather high-pitched shriek with it, then leading into the drum beat pulsing through, when the vocals begin to creep up. Having a rather flat tone to the vocals, keeping it fairly simple in terms of pace and texture, but it still goes hand in hand with all the other elements that go through this track.

Tending to distort the vocals by adding some synthesized style effects onto them, but making sure that the overall melody is cutting through everything as the vocals do tend to fall into the background as the rhythm tends to be louder than the voice itself. It does have a lot going on and many styles have been combined together for this one, but it all works and has created a super catchy track.

Listen to XVT BOMBI TRIP by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall