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The future of hip hop arrived in Gud Cyrus’ spacey electro debut album, Until Next Time.

Mississauga, ON-hailing artist and songwriter Gud Cyrus is fresh from the release of his dynamic hotly-anticipated debut album, Until Next Time. For new fans, the standout single, Anomaly, is the best introduction to Cyrus’ evocatively spacey signature style that hasn’t failed to attract international attention.

After an ethereal prelude that feels like it has just crawled out of a David Lynch film (in the best possible way), Anomaly starts to unravel as an intriguingly experimental feat of urban ingenuity. Anomaly takes the evolution of hip hop one step further into the future with the glitchy and scattered effects that would be jarring if the grooves in the track didn’t cut so deep.

Gud Cyrus’ album is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

NOMAD. has dropped their high-vibe EDM Hip Hop track “Den of Thieves” Featuring Pop Vocalist MEMORiE

NOMAD.’s latest Feat of Pop-laced EDM Hip Hop Den of Thieves featuring MEMORiE feels iconic from the first listen. In terms of collaborative chemistry, it’s a euphoric phosphorus fire.

The effortlessly evocative track rivals the level of emotion found in the unforgettable collaboration with Eminem and Dido. Yet, Den of Thieves is ultimately all about the sticky-sweet good vibes – making it the perfect addition to your summer playlists.

With a shimmering crisp production thanks to the deft skills of producer @HYPRSPVCE and the compelling lyrical narrative perfectly executed by NOMAD. through their Rap bars and MEMORiE’s Future Pop-style harmonics, Den of Thieves is a track which you’ll want to play on repeat.

You can check out NOMAD.’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Silver Screens – Let it Go: They Won’t Stay Underground With This Flow

The intro to the debut hit Let It Go by Silver Screens didn’t bring the track much promise, as I prepared to the track to drawl through the 3-minute duration I fell into the emotive Rap R&B Hip Hop Track and became transfixed by the lyrical flow of the talented collective of artists.

There’s nothing I detest more than repetitive music, so, I was a little disappointed to here the same three words ‘Let it Go’ over and over again, perhaps I’ve been mentally scarred by the Disney, Frozen song, but who knows. Yet, when the verse kicks in half way through the song I was in awe of the rhythmic ability, the ease in which the verses were spat transformed this track which was dangerously of the edge of mundanity into a track that I’ll be listening to time and time again.

I look forward to hearing more from the elusive collective of artists, if there’s one thing that their debut track proved, it was that this is the beginning.

You can check out Let it Go via the Dropbox link below: