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Stop And Stare: futur3persona knows she looks perfect on backless dress

Inspired by XXXTENTACION, cleopatrick, and Lil Peep, futur3persona shows us deep inside that stomach-churning feeling when you are infatuated with someone else beside your current partner on backless dress.

futur3persona is a UK-based indie alternative hip hop artist and poet who also fuses in rock, metal and EDM into his genre-bending style.

It helped me to express myself without the judgment of others as well as help me realise who I really am.” ~ futur3persona describing the music process and what it all means

Rapped with a strikingly unique style and opening up the curtains to his current predicament, futur3persona sends our imaginations into overdrive on this startling single that so many will find eerily familiar. Leading us into his romantic mind that wishes that he was still with that other lover, showing us that finding that happy zone is so hard in an overly stimulated world.

backless dress from UK-based indie alternative hip hop artist and poet futur3persona¬†is an underground track from a creative soul who is with someone quite outstanding, but is completely obsessed with another woman. With a raw tone that makes you feel like you’re in the recording studio, this is a track that will have you pondering that moment when you were thinking about someone who you shouldn’t be.

When you feel you shouldn’t be in your current room, your head shall spin like you are on another planet.

Listen up to this fine song on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen