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Independent Artist T22 releases “Svddnly I Just Can’t Breathe”: Southern Comfort a loop!

T22 excels in this particular style of hip-hop and his southern drawl lends no end of charm to an already classy production. To call this track only hip-hop seems slightly disingenuous as he has used a number of creative sounds within the mix of the song including a classic rock distort on the electric guitar as a riff, and it is hypnotic. His lyric, and the performance of it is gut-wrenchingly real and honest, reminding me of musical influencers like Lil Nas X, blurring the lines of popular genres with ingenuity and boldness. Using youth and vitality to break down walls and bring audiences together through relatable, familiar topics.

Tracks like this blow our minds but they shouldn’t. Music, like language is ever evolving, ever changing, ever morphing just as our societies do. Trailblazers like T22 are leading the charge, is on the cutting edge of what is hot right now, and is worth keeping a close eye on.

Tell us what you think about “Svddnly I Just Can’t Breathe” which is available to listen to now via DISTROKID. Enjoy!

Review by Susan Harriott


OOD Release Colorful & Eclectic Track ‘Time To Boogie’

OOD is an incredibly kaleidoscopic band who set out to release an equally colorful and eclectic release. Their recent studio effort is a stunning collection of 14 original songs titled “Understanding The World”. Their music blurs the lines between various genres and really offers a very creative perspective of many styles, including jazz, rock, funk, fusion, pop and a lot more. I love it when artists manage to combine their experimental attitude with a catchier twist, and OOD certainly belong to this category. When I first started listening to “Understanding The World”, it felt like I was almost immediately casted into a whole different world, where musical boundaries and definition did not really make sense at all – the only thing that truly mattered was fun and good vibes!

From the walls of melodic elements to the groovy rhythm section and punchy beats, these talented musicians set out to create al album that feels modern, yet absolutely timeless. The great 14 songs featured within “Understanding The World” truly offer a broad spectrum of sounds and ideas, giving listeners a great taste of the skilled musicianship of these artists.


Soul/RnB Twins MMG Release New Single “Rockstars of the Roller Skate Rink” and Get Set to Tour Japan

Some bands refuse to get stuck into one specific category or niche. Their sound is diverse, airy and full of character, incorporating a wide variety of influences and approaches in a very organic and natural way.

This is certainly the case of MMG, a duo that seems to know no boundaries when it comes to experiment with sound and come up with cool new ideas.

The duo’s kaleidoscopic blend of R&B, jazz, funk, fusion, and soul could be traced back to a wide variety of influences, ranging from classic artists such as Otis Redding or Chit to modern-day icons such as D’Angelo or Thundercat. This eclectic musical act set out to embody the sound and vision of various ages and aesthetics, including 60s R&B and 70s Disco.

The beautiful thing is that all of these musical influences aren’t compartmentalized in the band’s music, but they coexist together, not colliding but seamlessly integrating into one another. It is not really easy to let so many ideas flow together into the mix, but half the job is done when you get to work with such talented and visionary musicians to bring the project to fruition.

“Rockstars of the Roller Skate Rink” is a refreshingly upbeat release that stands out as a vibrant party anthem, enticing listeners with infectious rhythms and memorable melodic hooks.

The duo is certainly showcasing their best shape yet on their latest single, which seems to be a bold statement and a sign that they are perfecting and consolidating their charming sonic aesthetics even further.

I love it when catchy songs also have brains and this is certainly the case with “Rockstars of the Roller Skate Rink”. This is the kind of track that you can instinctively connect with –  it has a primal groove, a catchy production, and some fun aesthetics. However, this is one of the songs that allow you to dig deeper if you really want to, discovering multiple layers of influences and ideas, coming together into one appealing package. In other words…who said that interesting music couldn’t also be “easy” and readily attractive to a mainstream audience? MMG is an intelligent pair of musicians who really succeeded in making a very unapologetically catchy song with a lot of heart and brains.

Find out more and listen to “Rockstars of the Roller Skate Rink” by MMG directly through Spotify and add it to your playlist now!.


Francesca Mondi releases jazz-fusion ‘Devil’s Door’

If the term jazz-fusion is one which conjures thoughts of avant-gardist musical mayhem or worse, genres being forced against their will to break new ground, then you definitely need Francesca Mondi in your life. Yes, it is jazz being given a pop make over, but rather than a conflict of genres and the toning down of the key elements which define each of them, Francesca manages to bring out the best of both.

Devil’s Door has a meandering jazz groove and a soulful heart and the pop approach brings an accessible, not to mention commercial, vibe to the proceedings. Throw in some classic 60’s girl group harmonies and Francesca’s own sensuous tones and you have the perfect meeting of musical minds.


A&R Factory Present: GNRA

James “GNRA” Douglas is a spark that reminds us of something more than a trend bound by a generation. He provokes an exercise in nostalgia because he reminds you of the last time music made you feel this way. His voice is a thoughtful gift, which upon hearing makes an undeniable impact much like those soulful artists that came before him. And much like those who came before him, there’s a level of detail in the inflection of his tone that is a blend of the gift and being a conscientious student of the art form. There’s a texture of grit that hints at the journey of his experiences. There’s credibility. You can hear that he’s been somewhere.
Born to a Jamaican-Irish dad and Norwegian-Irish mother, GNRA’s parents were ministers in a gospel band that frequently traveled for the sole purpose to sing God’s praise. His mother was the first to recognize that he had an ability to sing. At the age of 5 she asked him if he knew the words to one of the songs and after demonstrating that he could memorize them, she allowed him to sing with them. The opportunity was electrifying and he knew then that this is what made him happy. Although he continued to perform with his parents’ band, it wasn’t until he was 10 that he was given formal direction on how to sing from his diaphragm. The tutelage he received at this age gave him the most valuable lesson he could receive: Outside of being coached on the science behind singing, he was never pushed to sing in a particular style and was told he will find the right note once he believe in his voice. It was from this training that he developed range and began building confidence in his ability to sing. He found his passion.

He pursued opportunities to showcase his vocal ability and was met with success that reaffirmed that he was on the right path. His voice proved to be seasoned. His next greatest triumph also proved to be his greatest test. A classmate and a teacher, who knew he could sing, encouraged him to audition for X Factor during its first run in America. It was during his experience there that he became more assure of himself and his ability. When interviewed about his experience on the show, in the Speakeasy column of the Wall Street Journal, music mogul LA Reid, CEO of Epic Records and a division of Sony Music Entertainment recognized his potential for stardom. Reid stated, “there are people I’ve seen audition already that I hope make it to the finals b/c I really want to work with them. James Douglas was the kid I liked the most. He may be my favorite so far, I wanted it for him.”

However, after being dismissed after making it into the top 20 he lost faith. It was this loss that made him doubt whether he was truly as great as others thought he was. Hurt, he decided to attend college to pursue engineering but found that he was just going through the motions. There was a void that existed and he no longer knew what his purpose was. Still in a rut, he skipped classes and wasted his days in college by making poor choices and experimenting with drugs. In search of the high that music provided, he found himself to be in a state of depression longing to sing while stuck in the prison of the thought that he was no longer capable of performing at a higher level. He found himself in a fog. His parents gave him an ultimatum to get some help but what truly turned him around was divine. Having been raised in the church, among the things that he gleaned that proved to be a sign was the statement that God does not give anyone things they cannot handle. It was clear to him that he could not handle experimenting with drugs any further. This clarity gave him the drive and fortitude to start the process of turning his life around.

GNRA knew all along the gift he had and realized now more than ever it was all he wanted to do. Once he identified with his purpose again, he began to have faith in himself. He was finding the right notes in his life. He stayed clean, pursued studio time and worked with his brother to make music. Others who knew he had talent recognized a change in him. He was serious about his craft. He was ready for opportunity and it found him. After listening to a few demos, Grammy Award-Winning music producer & executive Torrance “Street Symphony” Esmond immediately knew that GNRA was special. He recognized the difference in the power, complexity and soulfulness in the texture of his voice versus others in his age range. Esmond knew GNRA represented a sound that will appeal to the hearts of many. The distinction was clear. GNRA was not a trend. Now given the right direction, Esmond knows the possibilities and wants to share GNRA with the world. Literally.

GNRA’s addition to the music industry is a nod to why music exists. He uses his voice as an instrument to translate his life as he experiences it through song. He believes in his art and his place in it. With every song he wants you to fall in love with music. He wants you to question. He wants you to lose yourself. He wants to inspire. He wants you to understand you as he exposes his fears, triumphs and lows. He can be the soundtrack to your life. Be bold enough to listen. No bias. It will change your life.