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Where they Gone: KNARS sees the bankers laughing on the most important single of 2023 called World is Burning

Telling us all the facts inside the cruel world of politics and banking which seems designed to hurt those who need money the most, KNARS boils our feelings and shall summon an energy which opens up those wounds which many are still healing from on the epic new single, World is Burning.

Created by the Dutch lyricist, music producer and filmmaker, Martijn Holtslag, KNARS is a massively reputable musician who has shown us his deepest frustrations on this memorable experience.

He shows us what is really happening. In raw detail. Wow. This is surely one of the most revealing tracks made this year. Or ever. KNARS is his name. Respect has been gained. It takes a  lot of gusto to tell it like this. He’s not wrong, is he?

World is Burning from the Dutch indie electronic/hip-hop fusion artist KNARS might rocket a vibe of eye-opening proportions beneath all listeners. Golly gosh this is an instant classic right?

With a beat so catchy and lyrics to wake up the sleepy..or tired..we are thrilled to the core on this brilliant single to play until the world does finally sizzle into nothingness.

See this fine music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ease the Pain: Sound Liberation are at its brilliant best on Time Does Not Bring Relief

Taken off the brand new 10-track album and 9th studio release called Better Now, Sound Liberation are rather excellent on the brand new single to hug our heart, Time Does Not Bring Relief.

Led by composer/rapper Gene Pritsker, Sound Liberation is a Composers Concordance Records-signed indie band that loves to explore soul, jazz, RnB and so much more with glorious energy.

Delighting all senses into a much better planet away from all the smoggy confusion, Sound Liberation has made a special single which will ease the mood of millions. This is must-listen stuff, which is a comforting release which will please those who love an old-school single made with scintillating significance.

Time Does Not Bring Relief from the USA music-fusion project Sound Liberation is a rather superb display from excellent musicians who seem to only get better like fine wine. Delightfully true to their craft and calming all scared cats into a zone of mellowness, this is a stunning effort made with an expert appeal.

If the day has been tough, this is the kind of release to soak in a hot bath with the volume on full.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Why You Bitter: Pretty Killer spikes our veins with something rather special on Blood Sugar

Recently signed to We Are Triumphant and gliding us far from any previous discomfort, Pretty Killer takes a naughty nibble out of a few alluring romantic rainbow-sprinkled doughnuts on the saucy Blood Sugar.

Pretty Killer is a Worcester, Massachusetts-based fusion of nu-punk, electro-pop, hip-hop, grunge, and punk coated with lots of tasty treats to munch on.

Influenced by a wide array of artists such as Nirvana, Blink-182, Mac Miller, and Linkin Park, Pretty Killer sees the death of genres on the horizon and heads straight towards it. They believe in letting go of the rigid, outdated idea that bands must stay in their genre lane and are carving a new path.” ~ Pretty Killer

Striking a deep emotion from within, Pretty Killer crosses that blurry line and sends our emotions into shark-infested waters via this multi-genre gem of magnetic proportions. This is a venom-drinking boost of a track to sip on rather excitedly when that night out gets a bit dirty and turns into a rollercoaster where stories will be told for generations.

Blood Sugar from Worcester, Massachusetts-based indie electro-pop/rap/punk band Pretty Killer is the kind of track so many will smile with. This is that moment when you know you’re totally hooked on someone, and can’t seem to shake off the scent no matter what the time of day.

Burning out another bottle and swaying almost horizontally, we are treated rather exponentially on this ripper of a soundtrack.

Sometimes when two lips sync together, not even science can explain the connection.

Feed on something mood-boosting on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wanna Run Round With Me: The Good Dudes drops bluesy kiss-filled Taste of Me

Knowing that sweet talking will only go so far, The Good Dudes reminds us we can be happy if we say those words which might drive a new lover’s ears wild on Taste of Me.

The Good Dudes is a south Louisiana-raised 8-piece blues/pop/rock-fusion outfit who reminds us of that timeless sound which will get many dancing like the 70s again.

Since making their full-length debut in 2019, the band has played Festival International de Louisiane, toured the southeast, and continued to grow their devoted fanbase.” ~ The Good Dudes

Floating into our minds with something rather accomplished on the ears, The Good Dudes untangles the seaweed of the world off our bodies like a lifeguard and urges us to move onto happier seas with a twinkle in the eye.

Taste of Me from south Louisiana-raised 8-piece blues/pop/rock-fusion band The Good Dudes is a terrific song made with so much soul and love. This is proper music. There is genuine substance on offer. Real energy. Vocally on point and dipped in a romantic energy to truly lather inside, this is one of the best moving singles of the year so far.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

birthmarkhead drops mysteriously likeable new single Untitled (feat. Karibu Shirley)

Featuring a boomingly decisive beat that is next level legit and takes your mind into a new galaxy of wonder, birthmarkhead sends us into a thoughtful vortex via the latest single, Untitled (feat. Karibu Shirley).

birthmarkhead is a supremely skilled non-binary indie music producer who makes those underground marvels that you can’t believe haven’t been found by the masses yet.

I would say that having lived in cities such as Berlin, Brighton and Manchester, my production style is difficult to put into a specific box of a genre however, I have drawn a lot of influence from European techno music, ambient music and early 90s-2000s hip-hop and its commercialisation of sampling.” ~ birthmarkhead

After being so inspired by the music community of Berlin recently before the ravaging forces of covid drove him home, birthmarkhead shows a rare excellence with an anthem for those who want something different with their tea.

Untitled (feat. Karibu Shirley) from the UK-based music producer birthmarkhead is one of the more creatively original songs you’re likely to hear today. Filled with a fusion that is so easy to hear and brimming with a body grooving delivery, there is so much to love about a track with so much intrinsic value for the soul to nourish from.

Calm your mind on SoundCloud and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Day: Liverpool’s Lizard drop epic lead single from upcoming EP with Back Again

After impressing all of our earlobes with a magnificent display on Innocence in July, the talented lads from Lizard shows us the story about that person who won’t take no for an answer on Back Again.

Lizard is a groove-all-night-until-the-sun-shines Liverpool, UK-based 4-piece indie alternative rock-jazz fusion act who takes most of their inspiration from legends such as Franz Ferdinand and David Bowie.

Back Again is about someone being interested in you who you have no interest in and do not like, but they don’t leave you alone despite your best efforts to avoid them or shut them down.” ~ Lizard

Guiding us through a movie-like story about someone who wants a spark to be lit that just isn’t there, Lizard is quite fantastic yet again and takes us on a wild journey that involves changing the locks. Wrapped in excellence and thriving with a beat that might cause your feet to tap for ages, taking us on an expedition that might get your heart beating faster than before.

Back Again from Liverpool, UK-based 4-piece indie alternative rock-jazz fusion outfit Lizard is a fresh single that will have you grinning about that human who just doesn’t get it. After trying to hint that you weren’t keen on a romance, the picture just became blurred and packed with regret.

Sung with a tasty style and featuring their signature groovy delivery, this is a song that will uplift your day and get that head nodding with delight.

Hear this nifty track on Spotify and check out their IG for gig news and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Overseas Project shows us their world class quality on Talaash

Taken from their new 4-track EP called Umeed, The Overseas Project is rather impressive on a special song to rejoice nostalgically with and it’s called Talaash.

The Overseas Project is an indie electronica/rock-fusion 3-piece project who is on a mission to keep things fresh and to elevate their sound into a new stratosphere.

Founded by Amitabh Sengupta and Hasib Reza, The Overseas Project shows us something rather refreshingly different to the rest of the pack. Laden with a rather warm glow that will get you feeling healed up again, there is so much to be thrilled by on this real gem. Ear-pleasing and dynamic in nature, it is hard not to tap your foot inside this rather fine effort from a tight unit.

Talaash from electronica/rock-fusion 3-piece group The Overseas Project is a memorable song for all the right reasons. Featuring a smooth vocal style that will get you admiring the excellence attached, this is a must-listen track of 2022. The production is rather delicious and with a combination of genres to get your body alive-this is a flight-filled single to play loud-that will have you soaring away from all the previous darkness.

Listen up on YouTube and see more via their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Perry Lockwood drops the love song you need to hear today with ‘All I Need Is You’

Pulling our strings and placing us into a picture that will make the lovers kiss and the singles dream, Perry Lockwood reminds us to keep things simple with a music video that might get your heart beating rather briskly on ‘All I Need Is You‘.

Perry Lockwood is a Lawrence, Kansas-based indie fusion singer-songwriter who meshes in a variety of genres after being inspired by his Elvis-impersonator father.

Opening our eyes to what is actually possible if two hearts may merge as one loyal team through the choppy waters of life, Perry Lockwood might have dropped one of the most romantic visualizers of the year with his latest effort. The vocals on show will have you thinking of the future, as you move closer to that soul who you can’t wait to embrace each time you see them.

All I Need Is You‘ from Lawrence, Kansas-based indie fusion singer-songwriter Perry Lockwood is a country-fueled single that vibrates your romantic intentions with oceans of excellence. This is a sweet story about knowing you can be happy with that special individual, who you just knew would you right for you.

Sung with a genuine love and a true insight into what is needed to be truly happy and free, this is a love song that might have your spirit soaring with the birds above.

See this loving music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Latino fusionist, ROLF has released his most seductive track to date with OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES

To follow on from his 2021 debut single, Soltera, the Latino alt-pop artist, ROLF unleashed his vibe-packed 6-track EP, ILUSIONES. For new fans to his seductively soulful style, OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES is the ultimate introduction.

With the Spanish lyricism, for English monolingual minds, there’s an air of mystery. When the lyrics are translated, ROLF keeps his enigmatic allure which also resonates in his fusion of spacey ambient electronica, Latin pop, and RnB.

To amplify the demure energy, ROLF brought in jazz and rock nuances to ensure that you are well and truly transfixed by the outro. OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES may be a short and sweet track, but considering that it delivers 2-minutes of aural bliss, it leaves nothing to be desired.

OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Endless Oceans: Breathlessly talented Slovakian duo Dennyiah are quite brilliant on ‘Sense of the Rain’

After soothing our heartbroken ears on the excellent ‘Autumn 2015‘ from September 2021, Dennyiah shows us a natural way to live on the beautifully-projected new single ‘Sense of the Rain‘.

Dennyiah is a world-class Slovakian indie-pop/country/soul and blues-fusion duo who make an important blend of musical soundscapes that actually matters, with eloquently-written lyrics that shall bring you much hope in times of apparent hopelessness.

Dennyiah is at its brilliant best with a supremely stunning earth-hugging experience that will have your whole sensitive body in euphoric raptures. They seem to make the type of rare stimulating sound that is so genuinely made – and filled with only positive energy – that wraps gently all of your fragile heart to help it feel better again after all the unnecessary destruction recently.

Sense of the Rain‘ from the brilliant soulfully-enlightened Slovakian indie-pop/country/soul and blues-fusion duo Dennyiah, is such a pure track that might send day-changing shivers all over your naked soul. The superb drum-filled beat is rather compelling and the stunning vocals of a glorious singer who is clearly in tune with the world’s core, takes you to a much better mindset than before. Music has the power to heal after all.

Hear this stunning single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen