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Take a walk with me: Alpina Noise sneak us underground with the mind-blowing ‘Coat Check Girl’

With their moody honesty pounding through the fragile speakers with abandon, Alpina Noise takes us into the underground club of mind-blowing temptation with ‘Coat Check Girl’.

Canada and California-fused indie dark-post rock act Alpina Noise, are the type of band you turn up loud and jump around in unwavering delight. Their pulsating energy transfixes your mind and never even gives you the chance to let go, as they maraud gleefully in your head until they are done with you, such is their mesmerizing presence.

This is the ear-tingling story of a girl who has your coat behind her, as you try and work out what she is into after a wild night. Your body is swaying around, as you chat to her and try to find out if she will go home with you. The evening has been adventurous but your heart is beating so fast when you look into her cheeky eyes, as then suddenly you feel strange as she has other ideas in mind.

The incredible eight minute experience is a true throwback experience to the proper cinematic music, that gives you chills in your whole spine, as you throw off your shirt and stomp around the lounge, in unadulterated joy from listening to this sweaty classic.

”A fusion of multiple musical genres, with dark echoes of post rock, punk, alternative, shoegaze, metal, noise rock, trip rock, and electronic-tinged pop confections.”- Alpina Noise

Coat Check Girl‘ from Canada/California dark-post rock outfit Alpina Noise, is the sensational song you knew was missing from your heart, as they take you for a riveting ride that you never want to escape from.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen