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Further Heights

Chicago’s Cult Baby rises through the desert winds on ‘Further Heights’

With a landscape-friendly new music video that takes your whole consciousness on a global journey, Cult Baby returns with a sensational story that will take your breath away on ‘Further Heights‘.

Zechariah Funkhouser aka Cult Baby is a Chicago, Illinois-born indie-pop singer-songwriter who uses all of his innovative nature on his cinematic tracks to truly swim deeply into.

Further Heights is about an individual who hires a personal assistant to drive with them across the world in various cars, on one occasion this person even ships his favorite car to Switzerland.” ~ Cult Baby

Exposing us to something that is replenished with spectacular views and a mellow vocal ability that gets us in the mood to explore the world, Cult Baby shows us into his travel-laden mind that is thinking deeply about what the world has to offer after all this time locked up inside.

Cult Baby uses his influences from jazz, blues, r&b, rock and pop to cultivate a dynamic sound of his own.” ~ Cult Baby

Further Heights‘ from Chicago, Illinois-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Cult Baby, is the type of video that sends us into a whole new planet of intrigue. With a dreamy nature that has so many beautiful sceneries to truly be inspired by – this is a mellow track that will be perfect for a summer’s afternoon – when you are thinking about dusting off your lonely passport.

Listen in to this nostalgic track on YouTube and see more of the energy on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen