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Nova – Electrocute: Sticky-Sweet Soul-Steeped Jazz Funk Pop

While it isn’t uncommon to hear Jazz infusions in contemporary soundscapes, it’s safe to say that no other current up and coming artist is doing what Nova has done with their debut EP “The Jazzmen Invasion”. Whatever they’re planning on invading with their sticky-sweet soul-steeped soundscapes, it won’t stand much of a chance against the melodious energy contained in each of the six tracks.

The perfect introduction to Nova’s sound is undoubtedly the single “Electrocute”. With Electrocute each new progression feels playfully expressive, the sense of creative synergy which brought the instrumentals and the vocal harmony together is palpable with every note. Yet, there’s no sense of restraint as each instrument possesses its own aural autonomy. Thanks to Nova, Jazz just became infinitely more accessible.

You can check out Nova’s single Electrocute for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Bradley Prince makes his debut with the Funk-instilled R&B EDM Pop hit “Fill Your Cup”

If you’re looking for a Funk-infused soulful serving of R&B EDM Pop, look no further than the second single from up and coming Montreal-based singer-songwriter Bradley Prince.  With a vocal prowess which could steal a few fans away from Adam Levine and a futuristic beat which takes elements from a myriad of different genres; the commercial potential behind Bradley Prince’s sound is beyond palpable.

Instead of composing his debut single to sit neatly within genre boundaries, Bradley Prince let his experimentalism take the lead and it definitely paid off through the radio-ready feel-good hit. Even though it felt like Fill Your Cup ended slightly prematurely, that doesn’t detract from the earworm magnetism of the single.

You can check out Bradley Prince’s debut single Fill Your Cup for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lady Moon & the Eclipse – GLOBAL WARNING

There may be no surprises when it comes to what Lady Moon & the Eclipse lyrically tackles with their latest single “GLOBAL WARNING”.

But what is surprising, is that Lady Moon & the Eclipse are one of only a few artists trying to get climate change-deniers to open their eyes.

Even with the heavy sentiment behind the track, Lady Moon & the Eclipse have made sure that the single is accompanied by a light and somewhat poignant pop instrumental arrangement. So, far from the track giving you an existential crisis, you’re provided with a Funk-deep mash up of Pop and Disco which sugars the jagged pill which we have to swallow with the acceptance that our planet is probably going to combust.

You can check out the latest single from Lady Moon & the Eclipse for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Matt Brown – Grasshopper: A Potent Offering of Feel-Good Funk

If your playlists are lacking in some organically soulful feel-good rhythms, look no further than Matt Brown’s latest single “Grasshopper”. It is perceptible from the very first verse of this single that it was never created to be serious, instead, the resonance pours from the charismatic experimentalism which hits you with every free progression of the sound as it seamlessly moves through the layers of Funk

The Florida-based artist is quickly becoming renown for his ability to blend Reggae with Funk and Rock to create a sound which hits you with a sense of nostalgia, but at the same time unravels in a completely distinctive and contemporary sound. To create such a sense of accessibility in his music truly stands as a testament of Matt Brown’s enigmatic style as an artist. Grasshopper leaves no room to question how Matt Brown keeps his fans entertained, especially when it comes to the treat I can imagine that his live performances would be.

You can check out Matt Brown’s latest single Grasshopper for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Starship Mantis – 27 Years: Infectiously High-Octane Funk Jazz with a Sweet Hit of Nostalgia

January got you in a thick cloud of malaise? Good news, we’ve found the perfect single to get you out of the post-festive funk and into a soundscape of infectiously vibrant Jazz Funk which celebrates enjoying living in the moment instead of wasting your younger years in a state of constant longing.

“27 Years” is the latest single by Starship Mantis which comes alive through an eclectic instrumental arrangement, with the thudding acoustic basslines and unique allure of the key harmonica you get a mix somewhere in between an 80’s TV theme tune and something that Mike Patton would cook up. Which in short can be defined as one of the purest hits of high-octane energy you can get without a prescription.

You can check out the official video to Starship Mantis’ vibrantly Funk-laden single 27 Years for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Invite more unfiltered happiness into your lives by following Starship Mantis via Facebook and keep up to date with the news of their latest singles.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Hot Potato Band – Ritual: A Refreshingly Unique Approach to Funk-Driven Pop

“Ritual” is the latest single to be released from the Funk Pop outfit Hot Potato Band. Their refreshingly unique approach to a soulful sound hit me before the prelude had even ran through. With such a unique instrumental arrangement, it’s hard not to become enthralled by the warmth of their tonality matched with how tight each fluid progression is. For a band who started off as a collective of street performers I can definitely anticipate big things to come for the Sydney, Australia-based artists. Their genre mash of a single incorporates the groove and rhythm of Funk with an immersive meandering bassline accompanied by brass to fully round off the Pop-style production of the track. And all that is without mentioning the smooth instantly arresting vocals.

You can listen to Hot Potato Band’s latest track for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Hartley’s Encore Have Stamped Down Their Funk-Soaked Style with Their Latest Single

Ever been a bar when the DJ drops ‘Play That Funky Music’?, that’s the level of momentous energy you’re treated to when you hit play on Hartley’s Encore’s latest self-titled track.

With the soulfully inspired vocals, the viscerally reverberant popping of bass and guitar and good-vibe lyrics, you’re in for a Funk-soaked treat with Hartley’s Encore. If that wasn’t enough, you also get to soak up the electric fever of the organ as it seamlessly progresses alongside the brass section. The Albany NY- based Funk & Soul powerhouse may be up and coming, yet their ability to curate a mind melting seamlessly rhythmic ensemble has definitely already arrived.

So, If you’re looking for an aural boost, you can check out Hartley’s Encore for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Tom Holden – Flesh Vessels: Grindingly Intricate Up-Funk Indie

Putting Tom Holden’s ethereally quaint style in words almost seems blasphemous given the fact that he’s created something completely, irrefutably succinctly prodigal with his sound. His single Flesh Vessels from his latest album is just one of the tracks that left me in a state of beguilement after drinking in the up-funk sultry rhythms on offer from the cathartic yet grinding experimentalism. If you could imagine a subtler offering of the conceptual contortions of sound created by Frank Zappa you may get close to imagining Tom Holden’s Jazzy, rhythmic Alternative soundscapes which could only truly ever be contained under the label of Art Rock. The amount of progression packed into a track that already hosts such an array of complexity made Flesh Vessels one of the most enigmatic tracks I’ve checked out this year.

You can check out Tom Holden’s latest track Flesh Vessel’s as part of his 2018 10-track album ‘Chickens Drinkin’ on Spotify now, and yeah, based on the title alone you can throw out any expectation of normalcy out the window before you hit play.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ed Charles – Stay: Fresh Funk Addled RnB

Stay is Ed Charles latest Funk addled RnB Soul track with the perfect pinch of parody. I’m not sure if the parody was intended or it was just Ed Charles playful demeanour at work, but I dug it anyway. Stay is the title track from Charles’ upcoming LP which is due to be released in Spring 2018, he’s kindly left us the single to get hooked on his sound in the time being.

Through his debut single Charles’ fuses the warmth of the cacophonic instrumentals with a high-vibe vocal energy that nods slightly towards romanticism through the eyes of an RnB Lothario. The Woodstock, NY based writer and producer’s passion is palpable through every track in his back catalogue and it’s pretty refreshing to hear his playful style. The audible influences behind Ed Charles sound include the likes of The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac.

If you’re looking for a pioneeringly innovative Funk & Groove sound, you can check out Ed Charles’ debut track Stay on SoundCloud using the link below:

For more information on this ridiculously talented Rock, Soul, Jazz mastermind check out his official website:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Slims – Loser: Anti-Soul Funk

If you fancy listening to the drawling drone of melancholy disguised as an Experimental Funk track look no further than the new release of Loser by The Slims. The three-piece band have been around since 2017 in their hometown of Pittsburgh, they promise to sound like nothing we’ve ever heard. They’re so right.

I’m not adverse to the more lachrymose sounds out there having The Smiths and Joy Division on my regular playlists, but their latest track Loser just takes it to the next level. The lyrics seem to be a list of apathy that doesn’t really give any substance, it just conveys as morose meanders of the mind without any context which is possibly the most infuriating feat of this track.

It’s clear that the vocalist has a lyrical ability as he tunefully moans in an almost Shoegaze indie fashion over a doom impending backbeat that makes sure you’re thoroughly depressed by the time you get to the end of the 3-minute track.

I almost want to write a good review so The Slims don’t have something else to add to their list of disappointments.

Check out The Slims debut track Loser via Spotify now:

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