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The Crow Family – Believe it is Real: The Groove of Funk Soul Pop

The Crow Family’s latest single ‘Believe it is Real’ is a twist on the sound that you’ve come to adore from songstresses such as Florence Welch, Kate Nash and Marina and the Diamonds. The single which was released on September 16th has the same quintessential charm, yet the South East London quartet have poured an anthemic amount of funk and groove into the melody, whilst the Crow Family may have a way to go before they reach the infamy of the aforementioned Pop icons, they’re certainly on their way. With the off beat pops from the bass and the jangling bluesy rhythm of the guitar you’re treated to sticky-sweet harmonies which provide the perfect platform to lay down the sentimentally weighted lyricism for the ultimate high-vibe beat.

You can check out the Crow Family’s latest single Believe it is Real for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast