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heaven // alone summoned karma in their Deftones-meets-melodic-post-hardcore single, full circle

Perth’s premier heavy alt-rock outfit, heaven // alone, gave the enduring appeal of Deftones an edge of melodic post-hardcore with their latest single, full circle, which reached all major streaming platforms on May 31 alongside the immersively thematic official music video which speaks volumes of how far the upcoming outfit has moved up from the underground since the release of their debut single, canvas, in 2023.

After an overture of crunched guitar chords, the sludgy hooks sink in before an explosive crescendo of hard-rock rancour with white-hot guitars tearing through the ennui the production is laden in.

The cutting electronica installations towards the outro augment the evocative impact of the release mused by the cyclical torment of a relationship that tempts you into surrendering to mercurial desire which is always followed by the inevitability of being pushed away.

The vocals become a sense of gravity within the kaleidoscope of cultivated volition as they drift from tender melodies into the Alexisonfire-esque hell-hath-no-fury like a soul screaming for karma outpours of visceral rage.

Stream the official music video for full circle via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Multimillion-Dollar Status: Skotti knows that the jealous will feel the pain soon on ‘Full Circle’

Continuing with his smart strategy of releasing singles to build up his name to the masses, Skotti shows us how he has been dealing with so much petty wildness and a mind filled with demons on ‘Full Circle‘.

Scott Franklin Edwards Jr aka Skotti is an underground Joliet, Illinois-born Chicagoland, USA-based indie hip-hop solo artist and actor.

With East Coast Hip Hop being a primary influence for his sound, he is also influenced by a multitude of artists such as Eminem, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Capital Steez, Mac Miller and many more.” ~ Skotti

Flowing with a real purpose and showing us how rappers should sound, Skotti might be one of the most underrated emcees’s in the game right now. You feel like he is working on his chosen craft with genuine intent, as he seems to deliver rhymes that really hot the spot just right like a Michael Jordan jump shot with the game on the line.

Full Circle‘ from Chicagoland, USA-based indie hip-hop solo artist and actor Skotti, is a thought-consuming track all about trying to find yourself again – after your energies have been skillfully consumed – from being around too many greedy fake cats who only wanted to bite off your shine for themselves.

Staying true to your path no matter what you encounter, is the only way to win that marathon of life.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen