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Maryland-based indie rock act Old Foes drops powerfully executed new single ‘Appetite’

Sizzling the hot plate with a ravenously created single that deserves our instant attention, Old Foes brings the whole cutlery collection to full force on the powerful new single that might have you licking your lips called ‘Appetite‘.

Created by the Maryland, USA-based indie vocalist/guitarist Kyle Rigsby, Old Foes is a rock act that is putting out a new track on a bi-weekly schedule until the release of the much-awaited full album on 18 July 2022.

Old Foes sends our imagination into an enthralling spin with a speaker-slapping new single that might cause some eardrums to burst unexpectedly. They are a really top act who send us a foot-tapping marvel to behold, that is quite the terrific listen and might have you clicking your fingers until they are sore.

Appetite‘ from Maryland, USA-based rock act Old Foes, is one of those singles that you will find hard to forget quickly. The energy is certainly there to hug warmly into and the vocals shine through rather expertly, to give a track to remember that has started the train – for us to witness the next 9 – that is waiting patiently to be loved by all rock fans.

Hear their first single from this new project on Spotify and get more vibes via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mystifying Sounds: DARTH sam / SAMDOE intrigues the mind with ‘The Phonix vol 1’

With a style that is full of wild experiments like a mad scientist in his lab, DARTH sam / SAMDOE is here to entertain with his recently released nine-track album that will have you fascinated called ‘The Phonix vol 1‘.

DARTH sam / SAMDOE is an electronic musician who makes a star-gazing sound that is packed in with various genres, all into one puzzle that has your mind and body into a different space than before. He pushes the boundaries through an art form that has your consciousness in a different world than before.

There are a few tracks to like here and particular ones to listen out for are ‘Slept Child‘, ‘Hot Leg‘ and ‘Makin Soup‘ that come to mind. They are wrapped into a layer of mystique that has you listening extra close, as you try and work out the message through the clues that he gives us all.

The Phonix vol 1‘ from DARTH sam / SAMDOE, is a stirring performance from an artist with a variety of soundscapes throughout this album, as he toys with different ideas and creations to make this a completely unique experience for your ears to embrace.

Stream the full album here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking at the stars for inspiration: Honeybone are a guiding light on the excellent ‘Spheres’

With an album full of scrumptious solos to wake you up from that sleepy slumber, earth-moving electric guitar riffs and haunting vocals that enter your ears like a welcoming light, this is is something so special. Australia has some quality bands at the moment but Melbourne’s Honeybone, make a well-deserved dent into the minds of the uninspired to wake up the senses. They rock in the dusty door of your local sweat-filled music venue, and smash its hinges off on the new album called ‘Spheres‘.

Her vocals grab you by the face and take you into the journey of this exciting band who have that extra cutting edge appeal. There is so much to like here and the passionate energy shines so bright in the often cliched genre, that seems to wash the same style together again and again. Not on this album however.

The burning energy glazes over all of these songs like tasty donuts that you have licked your lips over for weeks now, the hunger is there, and this is a classy outfit. There are no average songs here, no fillers and definitely no shockers that leave you passed out from too much electricity into your veins. Particular highlights must be ‘Artificial Tears‘, ‘Stratosphere‘ and ‘Bones‘, the band seem in extra top form here, and these songs remain lodged deep inside the soul.

This is a 3 Piece Rock act that are only flying up through the sky at a rate that Rick & Morty would be proud of. This is an excellent release that deserves lots of love and head banging aplenty awaits, when live gigs are on again and fans can see their new favorite Australian band.

Melbourne is known for incredible underground acts that so good live. You can see why with ‘Spheres‘ from the electrifying Honeybone. Remember the name.

Hear their new creation here via Spotify and find out more about the band on their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Album Review: ‘Lockdown: The Playlist’ from Lucas Ramsell

Lockdown: The Playlist‘ from Lucas Ramsell is the latest album from Aylesbury in English artist.

Lucas Ramsell is an alternative Hip-Hop/RnB artist hailing from London Town. The soundtrack to hazy nights and even even hazier mornings, he treads the line between genre’s through mixing his confessional indie inspired lyrics with sharp urban production. Waves, Vibes and Sad Songs Sometimes is the vibe of this artist.

Lucas Ramsell rolls in with this 10 track release and there are so many highlights to mention. ‘No Heart’ is probably my favourite songs as I like the deeper meaning about life on this one. The beats flows so nicely and I like the stories. ‘21 Freestyle‘ is a faithful song that shows us the strength of this musician who is now focused and always looking to improve in life.

Lockdown: The Playlist‘ from Lucas Ramsell is an artist who has had time to fully grow and took time out to become a better man. This is a way to greatness and this young musician is ready.

Stream the full album here on Spotify.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen