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From Out To In: Motivated UK emcee Jump takes a massive leap ‘Inside’ on bounce-filled second single

Feeling the strong breeze of the gale-force winds deep within his thoughtful soul, Jump gets that Cali smoke ‘Inside‘ his hungry lungs so he can think clearer than he was before, just to make sure that his next move is the right one.

Jump is a brand new UK-based emcee who fluidly raps with that inner passion, as he confidently rips down all previous boundaries, with that storied hip-hop of smartly beating down his demons, until they unlocked the door themselves and gave up due to his ferocious determination.

This is the real story about trusting your intuitive gut, as you know that some selfish people don’t have your best interests at heart, while there is always that one special human who you care about intently. You are always there for them and you want to jump inside any issues they may have, as this is the wonderful connection that you two possess.

Inside‘ from UK rapper Jump, flows deeply like a song made with that extra lip-licking desire that gets you to the top of the food chain. His past life has not defined him and instead, he has redefined himself by reaching those heights that were probably impossible before he had that enlightened moment.

When you are highly motivated, almost anything is achievable if you want it badly enough.

Hear this passionate new single on his Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen