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Friend of a Ghost

We Doubt Ourselves: Daniel Srz recalls the memories from the past on ‘Friend of a Ghost’

Taken off his extremely popular five-track debut EP release, Daniel Srz is quite outstanding on a terrific single which will have you feeling rather inspired to deal with anything holding you back on ‘Friend of a Ghost‘.

Daniel Srz is a new alt-pop solo artist who makes that inspiring music to hold tightly onto as you remember those beautiful times from before, while you take a step forward to the future adventures which will make you feel free again.

On a glowing soundscape which has you feeling rather lost for a while as you find those foot prints you need to see, that shall bring you to a place where you feel fully at home from the previous worries. Chasing those shadows will only bring you down after all – as that sensitive shiver down your spine takes you to a place you know is there – but needs to be hidden from view.

Sung with a terrific blend of honest vocals that has your ears perked up to attention, as you lather into the beauty of this stunning release that is rather cinematic in nature.

Friend of a Ghost‘ from the incredibly talented alt-pop artist Daniel Srz, is a hold-me-now-release that will have you feeling so wildly reflective as you gaze out the window. You are trapped into a moment and need to walk outside again to move onto a new road, which will set you forward and bring you that much-needed peace.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen