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Conrad Ashton’s ‘The Longest Night’ is a true life story about saving a friend from inner demons

Conrad Ashton’sThe Longest Night‘ is a true life story about saving a friend from inner demons and this is an incredible song that digs deep inside your soul. This is the type of release that is so rare to hear and comes from a well-respected artist that sings about real stories and experiences.

Soulfully real singer-songwriter Conrad Ashton is a modern indie-rock artist that adds that classic pop sound to to fantastic results. He is a well-respected musician who always puts on a great show live.

You care about them so much and don’t want anything to happen. This is your time to step up and you do, things will be better, you can just feel it. You know that you need and want to be with your friend now, as you will reach their conscious and they will take a 2nd breath to clear out any doubts.

The Longest Night‘ from Conrad Ashton¬†is an inspiring track that shows us the importance of speaking up when you are down. Kind people who can help are out there and you just need to ask for help if you are having suicidal thoughts.

With the way 2020 has been, its so understandable that you can feel helpless right now. This is sung with such passion from a musician who truly gets it. He makes music that is meaningful.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen