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Shine on and go for your dreams: The Crom make an instant classic with ‘Outside Your Window’

The Crom neatly wrap up an inspirational indie-rock story for us to savor and play to those who need a fresh perspective on ‘Outside Your Window‘.

The Perth, Scotland-based four-piece alt-indie band have such an optimistic outlook and their style feels like a 90’s outfit who have been frozen in time. The magnificent melodies transfix your curious mind and you can’t help but sing with them and enjoy each second of this.

With their debut album set for an April or May 2021 release, this is an exciting act that are on a magnificent mission to spread their message to all corners of the globe.

His voice is so effortless and smooth, each word grabs your attention and is complemented by a sound that starts of atmospheric and only rises to the clouds from there.

Your goals are actually achievable but it takes hard work and self-motivation to get there, otherwise you will be just talking about it for years. Looking closely outside through the window with your eyes wide open and manifesting your visualizations, helps you work out your game-plan worked out and from there, you need to walk through the door and get it done.

Outside Your Window‘ from Scottish indie-rock band The Crom is an instant classic and an inspirational story of how you can do what you set your mind to, if you want it enough. Shine like a star and never look back.

Hear their positive mindset on Soundcloud and see the music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen