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Audacity will be your motto: Ayekpa urges us to cut out the noise on Adrenaline Rush (Freakin’Out)

Fairly new to the music world but showing us her spirited nature and calming confidence, Ayekpa might shock many back into place via the tremendously exhilarating debut single Adrenaline Rush (Freakin’Out).

Ayekpa is a UK-based French indie afro-pop singer-songwriter and actress who sizzles with a captivating sound which will heal all frightened hearts due to her genuine vibrancy.

A multi-talented creative who seems to have the world at her tapping feet, Ayekpa shows us how to be successful in vanquishing the demons and rising above those sneaky clouds. Vocally exciting and capsulizing a finger-clicking beat, this is a winner of a single.

Adrenaline Rush (Freakin’Out) from UK-based French indie afro-pop singer-songwriter and actress Ayekpa is a catchy output of much quality which has perfect timing and guides us away from those noisy forces who are trying to bring us all down.

Closing the door on bad energy and bouncing us far from the bad vibes which help no one, we are delighted to the core by a spectacular single which seems to sound better each time it’s played.

Listen up on Spotify to sizzle the ears.

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I Feel Your Pain: Iphis reminds her father of their special all-lasting love on I Will Be There

Leading us deep into the toxic but relatable story which almost shattered her in half from witnessing a parent show their dark side so blatantly, the wildly creative Iphis returns with a real account that should put many into a deep reflective gaze, I Will Be There.

Iphis Well is a French indie pop singer-songwriter who loves to make people dance and she is known for her stunningly authentic aura, incredible style and striking hairstyles.

I wrote this song for my father. It talks about how the narcissistic perversion of my mother affected our relationship and mental health. This is also a love letter, to remind him that despite of the distance we have now, I will always be there for him, until the end.” ~ Iphis Well

Sung with marvellous tenderness and love for the betterment of humanity, Iphis Well shows us it is imaginable to love even if it’s rather hard sometimes.

With ear-tingling vocals and so much to think about, this is a rather important song made with true care. After understandably holding back from releasing this for a while, we find a courageous anthem to love unconditionally.

I Will Be There from French indie pop singer-songwriter Iphis Well is a hauntingly exquisite reminder that no matter what happened in the past, there is a bond so deep waiting to be held. Steering us wonderfully through a hugely private moment, we feel the passion of a maturing soul who guides us into the true love she will never forget. No matter the past.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify.

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SVLEM shows the world their global artistic approach with an interview with A&R Factory

After recently dropping their latest sizzling soundtrack for us to salivate over called Live Session (Nevermore + Adore & Devour), SVLEM drops the curtain and leads us into their world with a hugely revealing interview to expand our minds.

Thanks so much for taking the time to cut it up with us today SVLEM. Firstly, please let everyone know where you’re from and based currently?

SVLEM: Thanks for having us! So…We’re Australian except for Cécile who, unfortunately, is French… Hahaha! We’re based in Sydney.

What was the main vision behind your new release Live Session (Nevermore + Adore & Devour)?

SVLEM: We wanted to share something halfway between a raw live performance and a studio experience to take our audience into a more intimate and stripped down set up where they could feel like they’re a bit behind the scenes. We financed it through Crowdfunding so it was a big deal for us to make it sound and look as great as possible within a Live Session constraints: recording all in a same room is quite an exercise and was something completely new to us. It pushed us as artists, and yet we had a total blast doing it! The response has gone way beyond our expectations and we are so thankful for anyone who’s watched it, the old fans and the new and to the media who have shared this release with their community so far.

Sydney is a special city indeed. How does the music scene feel at the moment and which venues in your local area do you feel a connection with currently?

SVLEM: Sydney’s nightlife is back from the dead after years of curfews and lockdown:

The scene is in full bloom and it’s a great opportunity to try to make a difference by bringing back the fun, promote positivity and inclusiveness out there.

Some venues are doing an incredible job at making the scene accessible for emerging bands and offering quality nights for the audience: Sabrina and her team at the Duke of Enmore always have something interesting going on which highly contributes to keeping the local indie scene alive! The guys at Freakflag don’t cease to blow our minds with the most insane lineups. The team at Crowbar not only gets the best international acts but keeps their stage open to way smaller bands. We’ll mourn Frankie’s Pizza as it was a total institution, but some new venues are popping up like the Soundgarden in Penrith that we cannot wait to experience!

How would you describe your sound in one sentence?

SVLEM: A sonic wall of blazing energy that sucks you in, heavy and hypnotic!

Do you have any goals for 2023 music-wise?

SVLEM: We have just started to lay the foundations for a more substantial release and really hope to get some fresh tunes out next year. We also hope to continue gigging as much, if not more!

When you close your eyes and imagine being on stage, what does it feel like?

Diz (bass): An escape that feels all too brief. Being in the moment and letting the adrenaline take you.

Shah (rhythm guitar & keys): Being on stage is almost an out-of-body experience, it’s like my equanimous mind clocks out and my primal brain kicks in. On stage I’m unchained, unhinged but most of all vulnerable, the music guides my movements and my emotions.

Josh (drums): It’s absolute bliss and freedom. The energy from the crowd just drives your adrenalin for one hell of a ride!

Rhys (lead guitar): Time stops: The truest and most natural form of fulfilment consumes me from head to toe. It feels like it’s one of the few occasions where you are your one and true deity. Haha!

Cécile (vocals): Personally, I become something else. I just let completely loose and can be unpredictable performance wise… last week we played alongside Carmeria, Our Last Enemy and Witchgrinder during the Halloween SpookShow: I smashed my megaphone repetitively onto my head until the batteries eventually popped out and flew at the audience… that was fun. Haha! I just love being on stage, I honestly don’t think there’s a greater feeling.

Do you have any plans to tour or have any events on the horizon? If so, where can we find you next?

SVLEM: We’ll play our last show for this year at ‘The Soundgarden’ in Penrith alongside Thraxas and Taliesin on 19/11 and will kick of the new year on 13/01 at ‘The Duke of Enmore’.

Tour wise, there’s nothing in the cards yet for next year but we’re always happy to tag along and play with our friends and other bands who would like to bring some SVLEM vibes to the night… whether we open or headline we’re always having a rad time!

Thanks for having us A&R Factory and thanks for reading this everyone! If you didn’t get a chance to check out our Live Session so far, go for it and we’ll see you around at a next show!

Check out this new video on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mélys shows us her intelligent bravery with sublime release It’s gonna be alright

After recently recording her debut, EP Agua, Mélys shows us what being back in beautiful Southern France has been like in her endearingly audacious new single ‘It’s gonna be alright’.

Mélys is a French indie pop singer-songwriter who angelically floats in with pure and uplifting elements of jazz, folk and blues.

At the age of 19, Mélys decided to embark on a journey across the Atlantic ocean. With a backpack, a violin in one hand and a guitar in the other, she explored the Americas by sailing boat.” ~ Mélys 

Showing us her worldly mind that has been enhanced by travelling and meeting new friends, Mélys might take your breath away with her classy vocals and those deep lyrics you can’t help but think about. Intertwined by a dazzling display that will have you listening twice, as the heart beats that pleasant temperature real nice.

It’s gonna be alright‘ from fabulous French indie pop singer-songwriter Mélys is a hugely determined effort from an artist who has seen so much, and urges us to stay calm as better days are approaching. With exquisite precision and a natural technique that will shake your core wide open to a new journey, this is a song to embrace rather tightly tonight.

Summers are approaching if we can all join and be united as one.

See this brilliant new video on YouTube and see more news on the IG page.

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Romain Gutsy did not intend to be mean to that sweet soul on the regret-filled release ‘If You See Her’

As he looks into the dusty rearview mirror and wishes wholeheartedly that he could turn back the stubborn hands of time, Romain Gutsy does what he can to manifest to the world that he still thinks about that romantic partner that left him behind due to that mental trauma on ‘If You See Her‘.

Romain Gutsy is a French-born indie-folk singer-songwriter who uses his vast travels as a way of expressing his music in a way that shows his worldly view that is more enhanced than most.

Started his career in the 90s, singing and playing the accordion with French bands as Les Affamés, or guitar in the Celtic band Daffy Plays Mandola, as well as playing with more famous chaps as the Grammy award winner alt-Rock band Soul Asylum or American singer Calvin Russel.” ~ Romain Gutsy

Showing his inner class to ask for that forgiveness that is entrenched into his memorable vocals that you might never forget, Romain Gutsy drops a single for the ages with his signature smoothly coated vocals and honest lyrics that leaves you in no doubt that you are listening to someone rather uniquely brilliant.

If You See Her‘ from the French-born folk artist and world traveller Romain Gutsy, is an emotional experience that will have you thinking deeply to that moment you wish you could take back but surely can’t. He sings with an expressive nature that has you feeling like you are in a different time altogether, as we are brought into the story that so many shall, unfortunately, relate to. Love is a messy beast sometimes, that can take good people into a mood that is unlike their true character.

Listen to this deep new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

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Jessica Gelinas wonders if this is all worth it with her excellent new single ‘Losing You’

With a captivating intro that sets the mood just right, Jessica Gelinas is quite wonderfully honest and vocally stunning with her latest release which will pull your heartstrings and is called, ‘Losing You‘.

Jessica Gelinas is a Montreal, Canada-born indie-pop solo artist and classically trained pianist who is of French and Taiwanese heritage and studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

As an honor student with an impressive double major in Music Production and Engineering, as well as Songwriting, it’s easy to hear that we are listening to a world-class artist who strives each day to reach her goals and never gives up no matter what the challenges presented.

Her upbringing in a multicultural environment allowed her to learn to speak in three languages fluently: French, Mandarin Chinese and English, naturally that drove her to start singing in all three languages as well.” ~ Jessica Gelinas

With a memorable style that has you turning up the volume so that you can hear each word perfectly, Jessica Gelinas is one of the classiest musicians in the world and shows us why she is so highly regarded with a quite exquisite performance on ‘Losing You‘.

On the side, she also writes English lyrics for Chinese artists and has featured backing vocals on Taiwanese singer: Ponzii’s debut album.” ~ Jessica Gelinas

Losing You‘ from the multi-talented NYC-based indie-pop artist Jessica Gelinas is a reflective gem of the highest quality imaginable. She leads us into her mind that wants that small house by the sea but has the nagging thought that perhaps this is not the road that she should be going down – as she brings the world a truly excellent single – that will have you gazing outside to work out what your next move is.

Sometimes love can be so hard that you start to doubt the connection, even if when you are together everything seems so right. Trusting your all-knowing gut is the only constant you can ever truly turn to after all.

Listen in to this superb new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

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Stick Around For The Family: Ya Minko and Ricky Beatz drop ‘Deux Soleils’ (Original Underground Exclusive)

As he looks to find himself again after feeling really down and unfulfilled lately, Ya Minko sings with such heartache entrenched into his bones on a Ricky Beatz produced track called ‘Deux Soleils(Original Underground Exclusive).

Ya Minko is a driven French/English speaking Washington DC-based, Gabon-born hip-hop emcee/singer. He brings together well-known producer Ricky Beatz, with such an honest insight into how so many are feeling in this caged up world, that is stacked full of mistrust and unnecessary confusion.

His smoothly tinted vocals are wholesome and pure — his lyrics have lots of truth filled inside — that are ready to be expressed in the only way he knows how. You feel his pain and see his wish that everything could be back to the way it should be, as his mindset shows us into the thought process of a man with so much tiredness, who needs to reboot and start fresh again.

Deux Soleils(Original Underground Exclusive) from Gabon’s Ya Minko and featuring Ricky Beatz, shows us a world that is falling apart and in need of a real cleanse. We find a singer who needs a well-needed holiday to get him back to working order, so he can figure out which passions he wishes to get back into again.

On a laid-back beat, this is a reflective track that will have you thinking deeply about the last time you took a proper break, to get away from the stress and sadness.

See this new track on YouTube and find out more via the IG channel.

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The Moons Align: Creatrix Bassaco calms our busy minds expertly with ‘Wanewata’ EP

As her astounding water angel spirit takes us deep underwater to carefully feed our starving soul after much starvation and hurtful distress, the stunning Creatrix Bassaco seems to cure all on her awe-inspiring new four-track EP ‘Wanewata‘.

Creatrix Bassaco is a tremendously talented vocalist and music producer who is a Creative Priestess of Ivorian ancestry. She skillfully fuses lovely West African-inspired percussive rhythms and French spoken word gracefully all over this special single, to make our shuddering hearts feel so loved and cared for again.

This is a wonderful source of much-needed restoration and healing for us all. The energy felt in this dreamy release is so inviting, soulful and rather obscure — as its overall impact has your mind massaged by a mysteriously elegant and creative woman — who weaves a web of love all over your tired body.

The textured beats are all varied, with a scrumptious flow that has you imagining you are swimming underwater in the beautifully clean ocean — with vivid colors all over the place — as you bend your mind to the endless possibilities. The lovely crisp  alignment has your neck and back suddenly feeling in shape again — as you see her kind face and knowing smile — urging you to have faith in nature again.

Wanewata‘ from the fascinating talent of Creatrix Bassaco, leads us kindly into an entrancing world of the beautiful waters below, that have all the answers we need. This is that true music which snaps your curious mind away from all meaningless distractions, as she sweetly lathers our consciousness into place with an EP that has come at exactly the right time. Great music like this, really does heal up all hurtful scars and undesirable anxiousness.

Hear this intriguing EP on Spotify and see her IG for more news.

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Versailles upstart ALT Rock band Prosody reach for the stars with powerful single ‘’Neptune’’

If you were my Neptune /You would make me so pure/I would take you somewhere. Formed in 2017, ‘Prosody’ are making a name for themselves with their good sound and strong lyrical abilities. They are an enjoyable listen and seem like they are climbing up the European music ladder.

Previously in ‘Newborn’ in 2016, you can tell that the band are quite familiar with each other which makes such a difference. Bands take many months and years to know what each other is thinking and this can’t be faked. ‘Prosody’ is off their album ‘Keep Your Dreams Awake’ and is a fun song to listen to. Vocally I feel that an extra backing vocalist would help tremendously to get their sound out more. 

After only playing in Paris so far, let’s keep an eye out for this newish band to make a name for themselves next summer at festivals in Europe. They certainly have all the ingredients to make it big.

Get more of this fantastic French band inside your ears via YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen