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Naud – Snaps it to us with his quirky Melting Pop style.

French artist Naud describes his music as ‘Melting Pop’, and while the pun might generate a slightly pained groan, the music certainly doesn’t; on reflection though, it’s a pretty apt description, ‘Snap It’, from Naud’s debut EP ‘Cames’ (which dropped on 31st October), being a bouncy swirling mixture of influences, combining Naud’s funk bass and guitar style with danceable beats, and electro style, and a heavily alt-pop swing to the arrangement and stop-start, sing-song, occasionally falsetto vocal.

Named, one assumes, with a nod to a certain French distillery on the isle of Pinthiers, in Pons, Naud describes his music as a mixture of cultural and stylistic influences, and ‘Snap It’ has the same kind of effect as his namesake’s signature gin and vodka, a heady intoxicating mix confounding the senses whilst remaining wholly pleasing and enjoyable; there’s a touch of Mika or maybe Beck to the track, in that whole ‘quirky, borderline kooky, non-conformist’ sort of way, and that’s entirely a good thing, allowing Naud free rein here to produce a glittering alternative pop track which effortlessly straddles the boundaries of pop, rock, and dance.

You can hear ‘Snap It’ on Soundcloud now, or check out Naud on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes