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SXMSIDY “Loving the Crew” and Loving the Song

Forgive my juvenile vocab – I picked it up when I was playing in a Trip-Hop band, and some attendees described the sound as “baby making music.” But really, you have to think about it… some tunes just scream that we ought to turn the lights down low, pour wine, and light candles. And this leads me to Sxmskidy’s track “Loving the Crew.”

It’s a seriously downtempo song – slow with ambient background vocals pulsating throughout. Of course, we can’t get through this review without talking about Sxmsidy’s vocals – some beautiful tenor lines that ring out in the upper register. Honestly folks, he soars in the chorus amidst sparse drums and orchestral sweeps in a way that would make Pavarotti (or Seal, for that matter) blush. There’s an immense passion present in the song that you just can’t ignore.

It seems that I’m not the only who sings the praises (no pun intended) of Sxmsidy’s vocal chops – right on the homepage of his website, it reads a quote from a top playlist curator: “SXMSIDY’s voice is phenomenal: especially the way he controls his rhythm with precision…” In addition to reviews, we also get to see a fascinating bio (teaser: he was French born), and contact information. There is a lot of the website under development but more than enough to get acquainted with this rising talent.