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Charlie Suttle wishes he could live deep inside his fascinating ‘Dreams’

Taken from his 9-track album from 2021 called ‘Blue Season‘, Charlie Suttle is rather tranquil on a single that makes you wish you could just click your fingers and live inside your ‘Dreams‘ for as long as you like.

Charlie Suttle is an 18-year-old French-American, New York, USA-born indie classically and jazz-trained pianist, music producer and singer-songwriter.

I started making DIY music during the pandemic. I produce and write songs from start to finish.” ~ Charlie Suttle

Furnishing our souls with something so serene and replenished with intricate details that shall have you looking deeper into this superbly-told story, Charlie Suttle shows us his cultivated ways with a single that has you closing your eyes so that you may get far away from the current carnage on planet earth.

Dreams‘ from New York, USA-born pianist/singer-songwriter Charlie Suttle is a sterling release that has been made with a simple majestic class that avoids the flash, and instead brings us something with proper substance. There is a wonderful flow on offer that delivers your ears something rather sizzling to feel warm inside, that has you imagining what it would like to stay in your powerfully creative mind for a while.

Listen up to this soothing soundtrack on Spotify and follow his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen