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The Glorious Rabbits conjured the sound and salvation of ‘Freedom’ in their latest folk-punk hit.

The Glorious Rabbits‘ latest folk single, Freedom, is a vibrant testament to the joy and liberation that music can bring. This track is not just a collection of melodies and lyrics; it’s an embodiment of freedom itself, capturing the essence of what it means to be unshackled from life’s constraints.

From the first note, Freedom is an explosion of euphoria. The Glorious Rabbits have managed to encapsulate the raucous joy of being in a room full of friends, the warmth of shared experiences, and the exhilaration of letting go. The track is an invitation to break free from whatever binds you, whether you’re surrounded by others or on your own. It’s a song that insists on being felt, not just heard.

The ensemble’s skill is evident in every aspect of the song. The musicians, hailing from diverse backgrounds, bring a richness and authenticity to the track that is palpable. Their chemistry, forged from years of friendship since the 7th grade, shines through in the seamless way they play together. The process of writing individually and then coming together to breathe life into their songs in a top-grade studio adds a unique and heartfelt quality to their music.

Fans of The Pogues, Flogging Molly, and Dropkick Murphys will find a familiar joy in Freedom. Yet, The Glorious Rabbits are not just imitators; they are innovators in their own right. Their music carries the torch of upbeat folk music, lighting the way for a new generation of listeners. Taken from their seminal album, The Year of the Rabbits, it is an exceptional introduction to a superlative outfit which has exactly what it takes to deliver the rapture society is so desperately crying out for.

Stream Freedom on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Interview: Positronic swims deeper Into the Blue and says A Long Goodbye

We sat down with the experienced producer Positronic to tell us more about the upcoming album Into the Blue and also, his brand new single A Long Goodbye. With so much to talk about, the cuppas were made so we found out more about what it takes to do what you love.

Hello there Positronic. Thank you for your time. What did you have for breakfast this morning and where in the world can we find you sitting today?

Positronic: I had a protein shake for breakfast and I am sitting at my desk at my job. I work in sales for an injection mold maker here in Southern CA.

How did you first get into music and do you remember that this-is-for-me moment?

Positronic: My friend and I started plucking away at our little Casio keyboards when we were 13. Then we started putting little songs together and then graduated to a Roland S10 and a Roland D50 synths a couple of years later. From there another friend from High School wanted to put a synth band together so he bought a synth with a sequencer. During my time with that band is when making Synthpop music was infused into my blood.

Please tell us more about your new single A Long Goodbye?

Positronic: A Long Goodbye is about changing your life when things aren’t going how you want them to. It’s about letting go of the past and moving on. It’s got a really strong beat and nice melodies & harmonies. I’m really excited to release it.

Into the Blue. This is your new album which is due for release on the 14th of April. Firstly, many congrats. Second, what was the whole process like and what do you think of the result?

Positronic: The Into the Blue album: I wrote the first single from the album called “Freedom” back in November of 2021. It was released by Mojoheadz Records in June of 2022. “Jump In” & “Falling in Love With You Again” were written in July of 2021 and only released on Sound Cloud. Shortly after Freedom was released, I wrote and recorded “Close to You” and released it as a single on Sept. 2nd of 2022. I had also worked most of the summer on 2022 writing and arranging the song, “Into the Blue”. I took November and December off from music to do the holidays with my family but after they were done, it was game on! I had 5 songs done at that time and during the month of January 2023, I wrote and recorded the remaining 5 songs. It was incredible. To write, arrange, and record 5 songs in a month is no easy feat. That being said, it wasn’t really that hard. The songs just poured out. I was in “The Zone”. I love when that happens! From there, my thoughts were that this album was too good to release without it being professionally mastered by someone without a history of mastering Synthpop. So, I went to Mike Marsh at The Exchange in the UK because he mastered OMD’s, “The Punishment of Luxury” album. I think Mike did an amazing job mastering it I think you can tell the difference between this album and my previous ones.

What kind of mood do you have to be in to make music or does your creative process vary?

Positronic: The process of making music varies for me. Sometimes, it just happens and other times it’s planned. “Freedom” was written with a purpose. I have several friends and family members that have struggled with addiction, plus struggling with it myself. So, I sat down and wrote that from personal experience. “Close to You” was written because it’s the first minor keyed song that I’ve written as Positronic. I thought that I should try something I hadn’t before or at least in a very long time. “Falling in Love with You Again” was written after a dream I had. I woke up one morning with the chorus running through my head. So, I grabbed my phone and recorded myself singing it, then went back to bed. When I sat down later that morning at the computer, the song was written and programmed, in about 4 hours.

Who or what are you most inspired by each day?

Positronic: I am inspired by the same musicians that I always have. Depeche Mode, Erasure, & OMD. Thank God they are still making music and inspiring me to this day. I’m also inspired in my life by Jesus Christ and my family.

Last, what are your dreams and goals for the rest of the year?

Positronic: My dreams and goals for this year are that this album will be a success. My other 3 albums got some decent play but then dropped off in plays pretty quickly. I’m hoping this album is accepted a little more by the public and that people will start to take a real interest in Positronic. I don’t usually play live very much but I have a show lined up on May 6th at Rockstars of Tomorrow in Norco, CA and I’m working on getting a show together at the Garden Grove Amphitheater with one of my musical heroes, “Anything Box”. I will also be doing some Open Mic nights around the Inland Empire just for fun.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I See You: Farenwyde opens our mind up on dazzling debut Eerie

Taking our souls into a happier place and brushing away all the cold, Farenwyde bolsters our imagination far from the frozen lake via a finger clicking experience to feel alive with on Eerie.

Farenwyde aka Sasha Andreyevskiy is an emerging electronic music producer who formulates the kind of tracks which shall flip moods over forever.

My music production journey started in April 2022, though I have always wanted to create and share my music with the world.” ~ Farenwyde

Brushing all pain away and taking us into a more peaceful world, Farenwyde is rather impressive here on this monumental anthem for those who need hope in a volatile world.

Eerie from the skilled electronic music producer Farenwyde is a special song which shows us the taste of freedom for all its magnificence and never lets go. Fueling our emotions to spark up and layered rather expertly, this is a hugely promising debut single to treasure for its soul-healing qualities.

Listen up on Spotify. See more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Outstanding NYC alternative artist Synead drops Piscean-fueled single ‘Daydream’

Released from Weird Sister Records as part of their Zodiac Series, Synead shows us a stunning part of a larger body of experimental sonic, visual, and performance works currently in progress called ACID4SALE with the deeper meaning single, ‘Daydream‘.

Synead Cidney Nichols aka Synead is a New York City-based indie queer poly-disciplinary alternative artist, solo musician and expressionist who performs with a more profound meaning than most.

As her quest for community healing, self-awareness, and the important freedom and advancement of queer, black and indigenous people of color continues – this is an inspiring artist who is one of the most well-respected creatives in the game – due to the fight for justice and excellent vocals that seems to transport you into a better world.

I was so enamoured with life at the time I wrote this and all the excitement that it was offering me. It felt like every cell in my body was activated and I had to say something about the experience. It was so refreshing; pure. When the most impactful emotion is love we have to put it into the ether. This meditative melisma is my representation of what I felt when I was really living in a state of being. A moment that lent an opportunity to sink deeper into oneself- a love spell of sorts.” ~ Synead

Synead shows us what music should sound like in 2022. This is a mesmerizing piece of art that needs to be admired for its truly visionary excellence, which is one of the most fascinating singles you might ever hear.

Daydream‘ from New York City, USA-based indie alternative solo artist Synead, is a vocally stimulating single that will have your ears standing up to attention as something so beautiful has been made for us to truly lather our bodies and minds into so wonderfully. This is that kiss-craving single your whole soul needed, to find that extra meaning in a world that can wipe the smile off your face if you aren’t aware enough. This is a stunning experience that will have your heart feeling warm again, from something truly special that needs an embrace from the heart.

Delve into this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

His calling: Dezvelkito brings forth a positive message of peace on ‘Freedom’

With his meaningful voice rising above the obvious pain, Dezvelkito shows us the way to try and find ‘Freedom‘, so the anguish may be lifted away for the greater good.

Uscla Johnny Desarmes aka Dezvelkito, is a peaceful indie r&b New Jersey, USA-based producer, filmmaker, writer and singer-songwriter, who makes that thoughtful music, that he uses to help the world breathe and think about the positive vibrations.

With a calming nature, he delivers here with a stunning song all about wanting to love and to be unshackled from all the previous experiences with his ex lover. He wants to move on from their selfish ways and to be happy again, as sleep has been hard to enjoy, as this emotional moment has been weighing down heavily on his heart.

His voice flies in like a hungry bird that wants to makes his nest and be settled inside his soul again. The uplifting power fills your mind with previous nights you couldn’t sleep, when all you needed was that closure from all previous doubts and misery.

Freedom‘ from New Jersey’s Dezvelkito is a beacon of light onto a dark and gloomy world that needs so much healing. He sings with a passion that is unmatched and this is a song that will heal many, through this tough time in our lives.

Stream this thriving new single on Spotify and see more of his adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK producer Dj Eskalator is in scintillating form with the best fresh 2020 ‘BipBop’

Dj Eskalator is in scintillating form with the best fresh house 2020 track called ‘BipBop‘.

Australian-based, UK born and raised on the wild, sweaty but tempting dance floors of the English nightclub and festival scene. This is a producer that has that style that makes you want to take off your shirt and dance all night.

You wonder what could of been, you should of just carried on but something stopped you at the time. Covid happened and seems to of got us scampering for touch at this time. When will we be free again from this awful plague. Back when we were free, we possibly thought of no consequences and had no responsibility, even for just a few hours.This is a determined Dj with his life that has been headed towards this particular path for a while.

This is a man that cares deeply about the sound and isn’t afraid to try new things. ‘BipBop‘ from Dj Eskalator is a hot track to turn up loud.

Click here to stream.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London’s Myla Valentina sings into our hearts with powerful message ”Freedom”

”This song touches on the tragedies happening in the world right now and how all we really want in the end is Freedom. Freedom from racism, sexism, judgement, war, violence. This song is to make people think about the world that we live in, the choices we make and fighting for what is right.”-Myla Valentina

Life can be cruel but luckily we have incredible music to heal. Sung with bravery and produced with love by UK artist Myla, this is her latest offering called ”Freedom”. With meaningful guitar rifts to complement the song, this is a powerful track inside 2020’s carnage. Myla sings with such heart with her dark indie-pop style on such a terrifying topic that clouds our minds. I feel like the production matches Myla’s ambitions perfectly.

We have so many questions and some can’t be answered right now. This is a song that asks a lot of them and with this powerful message, I feel that London’s Myla has reached a new plateau in her career. This is scrumptious music with an edge. We are all seeking freedom and will proceed with caution.

Stream this stunning song here on Soundcloud.

To find out more about this young singer head through to her Instagram.

For gig announcements go to her Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

RudeBrutal break the house down with fantastic new single ”Freedom”

RudeBrutal is Andrey Totev. This is no ordinary producer either. This is a man on a global mission to get his vision and music out there to the masses. ”Freedom” is his brand spanking new house anthem so let’s get into it.

Bulgaria’s RudeBrutal is the founder of Media Frames (record label) and the Danube Sunset Sessions which is a DJ & Musical live performance event. As you can see he is one busy man.

His new track ”Freedom” is here and oh my goodness. This is what my blood flow needed to heart back into the zone. The speakers groan at the beginning here. Slowly you feel the bass sliding down the passageway with a sneaky grin and the vocals hit your soul right where it needed to. I do 50 push ups while listening to this track as I am inspired not to stop early. This is perfect running and gym music while is also a perfectly crafted tonic to add to your gin before or during the party. ”Freedom” is all about doing what you want and well just don’t destroy things unnecessarily. Put your 100% effort into it and you will get the results. I feel motivated and am sure you will too after a loud listen.

RudeBrutal have just made today easier so turn it up. Be free and stay positive.

Stream this awesome house track right here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory Present: Jillian Steele

Raised on Long Island, but now living in Nashville, 19 year old indie-pop musician, Jillian Steele, is making her way onto your favourite playlist.  Her bold and personal songwriting combined with her unique tone, evokes familiar emotions tucked away in comforting memories. On the NBC show, Kathie Lee & Hoda, Kathie Lee Gifford said “.. her tone is as beautiful and unique as she is. I am excited to follow her journey.”

Her new EP, Find Me, releasing in 2017, pulls the curtain aside for a peak into Jillian as a musician. Her first single Property, was inspired by a safari trip to Kenya when she was 16 and mistakenly entered into a marriage agreement with a tribal leader in exchange for two camels and a goat (long story)  Property asserts the power of the essential inner strength existing in all of us that sometimes is forgotten.  The reoccurring  theme, of personal power and the strength to make changes is echoed in Same Song as well as Miles, both songs on her new EP.

Several years ago, doctors discovered nodes on a very precarious location on Jillian’s vocal chords,  After bring turned away by several doctors refusing to operate. she visited the top doctor in Manhattan. Knowing the risk to her voice, the nodes were removed.  Forbidden to speak for two weeks while recovering, and losing her main form of communication, Jillian found  a substitute voice through songwriting.  Writing hundreds of songs while healing, she came to appreciate the power and effectiveness of expression through lyrics.  Thankfully she regained her voice and has continued on her journey, one song at a time.

She appeared as a finalist  for The VOICE kid’s edition on the TODAY show,  performed at Great South Bay Music Festival along with the Doobie Brothers and Hot Tuna.  She was also a regular at CountryFEST, Long Island Fall Festival, and Montauk Music Festival.  She has taken the stage at The Bitter End in NYC and was in Broadway in South Africa.

“Writing is as necessary to me as a good work out is for others …where you sweat so much your eyes sting.. . I feel purged and renewed, not after the song is written, but only when it is out there for all to hear…”  – Jillian Steele

To find out more about Jillian Steele click here