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John Anthony proves why his freestyle flow is one of the fiercest in the game with ‘Sincerely Yours’.

With his standout track, ‘Sincerely Yours’, John Anthony proved that he’s got one of the fiercest freestyle rap flows in the game.

The trailblazing artist used the 7-minute duration to create an exposition of the grittiest and most frustrating factors in our warped 21st-century society; every line delivers introspective gold. From the corrupt nature of the music industry to the danger of anti-mask stupidity to fucked up abortion laws, Anthony poetically goes for the jugular on many contemporary aggravators in Sincerely Yours.

It’s beyond cathartic to hear an artist touch on so many raw issues in a chilled jazzy hip hop soundscape that practically begs for repeat attention. The producer, Logic, knew just what kind of vibe to put behind Sincerely Yours.

Sincerely Yours is available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast