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Ohio-based Gospel band Kenaniah Band show us their faith with new single, ‘Holy Is The Lord’

After writing, performing, and leading Worship together for more than twenty-five years, Kenaniah Band shows us what it means to be devoted no matter what on their new single about giving thanks on, ‘Holy Is The Lord‘.

Kenaniah Band is a Franklin, Ohio-based indie Christian/Gospel duo who perform with great love and show us faith-filled belief on each one of their inspirational releases.

Inspired by the story of Kenaniah in scripture, the name seemed a natural fit when it came time to release an album.” ~ Kenaniah Band

Taking us to a place that is so pure and filled with only optimism, Kenaniah Band is at their vibrant best with a Worship single that has undiluted intentions and takes your mind to a happier world where there is only peace and love.

Holy Is The Lord‘ from Franklin, Ohio-based indie Christian/Gospel duo Kenaniah Band, is an uplifting song to help others remember that giving up is never an option. If you have that belief and give your life to a cause that shall set you free from a life of confusion then it is all worth it. Performed with a spirited edge and featuring soaring vocals that take you to a higher place, this is a must-listen for anyone who is feeling rather lost in this often selfish world.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Foot On The Gas: MaY2X tear it up Tennessee style on ‘Thumbing’ (feat. Trofye)

Powered efficiently by Diamond Core Productions, MaY2X drops the clutch and gets us moving in rhythmic unison to make that hard-earned dollar with ‘Thumbing‘ (feat. Trofye).

MaY2X is a skillful Franklin, Tennessee hip-hop artist who joins forces with regular collaborator and friend Trofye on this tire burning fire track. They make that straight style music that keeps you entertained and informed about how things really are right now.

This is the true story about showing how clean and fresh you are with your loyal team who are making that paper, while dissing other peeps that don’t really get it as they do things that make no sense at all. With so much snitching going in this wild world, these two Southern emcee’s urge calm and common sense to prevail with these catchy verses, that slide diligently into your eager memory and makes you want to go and call that feisty girl that you really like but know you should really stay away from.

Thumbing‘ (feat. Trofye) from Tennessee’s MaY2X, is a fun party track made by two talented underground rappers, who flow with intent and velocity to leave you feeling positive about the days events, while ready to get out and about to have a great time this evening.

See this piece of realness on YouTube and check out IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen